H P Luhn -- Pioneer of Information Science -- selected works. Claire K. Schultz, H P. Luhn.

H P Luhn -- Pioneer of Information Science -- selected works.

Spartan Books, NY & MacMillan, London 1968; 320 pages, Index, double-column text, illustrations, references.

Condition: Very Good hardcover, black pebbled with title on cover and spine in gilt; 8.5x11 size; small university library bookplate on front pastedown, small circular rubberstamps on textblock fore-edges, some stamps on titlepage. Binding is tight and sound, pages are clean, unmarked.

Keywords: luhn, information retrieval, KWIC index, indexing, machinable records, machine readable text, automated intelligence systems, H P Luhn, business intelligence systems, libraries, information science

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Contents -- foreword, Arthur Ellis, on behalf of the American Documentation Institute;BIOGRAPHY - H. P. Luhn, the Man; IBM Engineer; Applied Mathematician; Information Scientist; SELECTED PUBLICATIONS OF H P LUHN -- The IBM Electronic Information Searching System; Self-Demarcating Code Words;

A Serial Notation for Describing the Topological of Multidimensional Branched Structures; Identification of Geometric Patterns by Topological Description of Their Envelopes; Superimposed Coding with the Aid of Randomizing Squares for Use in Mechanical Information Searching Systems; A Statistical Approach to Mechanized Literature Searching; A Statistical Approach to Mechanized Encoding and Searching of Literary Information; Analysis and Design of Binary Path-Switching Circuits and Logical Flow Charts by Means of a Node and Link Lattice;

The Automatic Creation of Literature Abstracts; Auto-Encoding of Documents for Information Retrieval systems; A Business Intelligence System Review of Information Retrieval Methods; An Experiment in Auto-Abstracting; Information Retrieval through row-by-row Scanning on the IBM 101 Electronic Statistical Machine; Indexing, Language and Meaning;

The IBM Universal Card Scanner for Punched Card Information Searching Systems; Row-by-row Scanning Systems for IBM Punched Cards as Applied to Information Retrieval Problems; Potentialities of Auto-encoding of Scientific Literature; A Personal Identification Code;

Keyword-in-Context for Technical Literature; General Rules for Creating Machinable Records for Libraries and Special Reference Files; The Automatic Derivation of Information Retrieval Encodements from Machine-Readable Texts; Selective Dissemination of the New Scientific Information with the Aid of Electronic Processing Equipment;

Address to IBM Librarians at Owego; KWIC Index -- instructions for machine print-out and for mounting forms for reproduction; Automated Intelligence Sytems - some basic problems and prerequisites for their solution; Starting a business intelligence system; -- (and Burgess L. Gordon) Evolution of Medical Terminology through computer techniques; Equipment Specifications; Better Communication through Better Cooperation; PART III -- List of H. P. Luhn's Patents; Bibliography of H P Luhn's Publications; Partial Citation Index to H P Luhn's Publications; Index to the contents of this volume.