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Computer Engineering -- a DEC View of Hardware Systems Design; PDP-8, PDP-10, PDP-11, more. C. Gordon Bell, J Craig Mudge, John E. McNamara, C Gordon Bell.

Computer Engineering -- a DEC View of Hardware Systems Design; PDP-8, PDP-10, PDP-11, more.

Digital Press, DEC Digital Equipment Corporation, Bedford MA 1978, later printing 1979; 585 pages, Index; photographs; double-column text.
Condition: Very Good light gray cloth hardcover in Very Good turquoise blue dustjacket with circuitboard illustration on front cover in white, binding is secure; pages are clean & unmarked.
Price: $45.00
Item no. C811101
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Seven Views of Computer Systems (C Gordon Bell, J Craig Mudge; John E McNamara); Technology Progress in Logic and Memories (Bell, Mudge, McNamara); Packaging and Manufacturing; IN THE BEGINNING -- Transistor Circuitry in the Lincoln TX-2 (Kenneth Olsen); Digital Modules, the Basis for Computers (Richard Best, Russell Doane, John McNamara);

BEGINNING OF THE MINICOMPUTER -- The PDP-1 & Other 18-Bit Computers (Bell, Gerald Butler, Gray, McNamara, Donald Vonada & Ronald Wilson); The PDP-8 and Other 12-Bit Computers (Bell & McNamara); Structural Levels of the PDP-8 (Bell, Allen Newell & Daniel P Siewiorek);

THE PDP-11 FAMILY -- A New Architecture for Minicomputers -- the DEC PDP-11 (C Gordon Bell, Roger Cady, Harold McFarlnad, Bruce Delagi, James O'Loughlin Noonan & Wulf); Cache Memories for PDP-11 Family Computers (Strecker); Buses, the Skeleton of Computer Structures (John Levy); A MiniComputer-Compatible Microcomputer System - the DEC LSI-11 (Mark Sebern); Design Decisions for the PDP-11/60 Midrange Minicomputer (Mudge); Impact of Implementation Design Tradeoffs on Performance - the PDP-11, a Case Study (Snow & Siewiorek); Turning Cousins into Sisters - an Example of Software Smoothing of Hardware Differences (Brender); The Evolution of the PDP-11 (Bell & Mudge); VAX-11/780 -- a Virtual Address Extension to the DEC PDP-11 Family (Strecker);

EVOLUTION OF COMPUTER BUILDING BLOCKS - The Description & Use of Register Transfer Modules (RTMs) (Bell, Eggert, Grason, Williams); Using LSI Processor Bit- Slices to Build a PDP-11 - a Case Study in Microcomputer Design (McWillliams, Fuller, Sherwood); Multi-Microprocessors - an overview & working example;

THE PDP-10 FAMILY -- The Evolution of the DECsystem-10; Appendices - ISPS Primer for Instruction Set Processor Notation; The PMS Notation; Performance (Bell, Mudge, McNamara); BIBLIOGRAPHY; Index.