Item #C811102 ACM Computing Surveys 1978 full year, 4 individual issues, Volume 10 nos. 1 - 4, March, June, September, December 1978. Association for Computing Machinery ACM Computing Surveys 1978.

ACM Computing Surveys 1978 full year, 4 individual issues, Volume 10 nos. 1 - 4, March, June, September, December 1978.

ACM, 1978, pp 1 - 514 inclusive; double-column text, References at ends of articles; some tables, graphs, etc.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better, turquoise and white cardstock covers, bindings are secure and tight, pages clean and unmarked, some issues with slight edgewear or small creases to cover corners.

Keywords: ACM computing surveys, LISP, Soviet computers, Russian computers, computers in Russia, special issue, Queueing, queueing network models, CORE system, graphics standards, core graphics system

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Contents includes -- Volume 10 number 1, March 1978 -- about this issue (denning); A Review and Evaluation of Software Science (Fitzsimmons & Love); Cost-benefit Analysis in Information Systems Development and operation (King & Schrems); Programming in the Interactive Environment -- The LISP experience (Sandewall); Positive Experiences with a Multiprocessing System (Srodawa); surveyors' forum;

Vol. 10 no. 2, June 1978 -- The Soviet Block's Unified System of Computers (Davis & Goodman); Reliability Issues in Computing System Design (Randell, Lee, Treleaven); Recovery Techniques for Database Systems (Verhofstad); Perspectives on Software Engineering (Zelkowitz);

Vol 10 no. 3, September 1978 -- SPECIAL ISSUE - Queueing Network Models of Computer System Performance -- guest editor's overview (Graham); The Operational Analysis of Queueing Network Models (Denning & Buzen); A Measurement Procedure for Queueing Network Models of Computer Systems (Rose); Approximate Methods for Analyszing Queueing Network Models of Computer Systems (Chandy & Sauer); A Queueing Network Model of MVS (Buzen); The VM/370 Performance Predictor (Bard); Queueing Network Modeling of Computer Communication Networks (Wong); Queueing Networks - a critique of the state of the art and directions for the future (Muntz);

Vol 10 no. 4, December 1978 -- SPECIAL ISSUE - Graphics Standards -- Recent efforts toward graphics standardization (Newman & van Dam); A functional overview of the Core System with Glossary (Michener & van Dam); Graphics Programming using the Core System (Bergeron, Bono, Foley); Some Major Issues in the Design of the Core Graphics System (Michener & Foley); Planar geometric projections and viewing Transformations (Carlbom & Paciorek); Includes Decennial Indexes - Computing Surveys, Volumes 1-10, 1969 -1978.