Item #C811111 Handbook of Advanced Troubleshooting. John D. Lenk.

Handbook of Advanced Troubleshooting.

Prentice-Hall NJ 1983. later printing; 306 pages, index, photographs and illustrations.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better, dark brown hardcover with title in gilt on cover and spine; binding is tight and square, pages are clean and unmarked; one small slight 'ding' along front cover edge.

Keywords: digital troubleshooting, logic probes, oscilloscopes, digital test equipment, electronics troubleshooting

Price: $10.00

Item Description

Sections include -- Introd. to advanced troubleshooting; Communications Test Equipment - signal generators; oscilloscopes; meters; probes; frequency meters and counters; dummy load; RF wattmeter; field strength meter; standing-wave-ratio measurements; dip meters; spectrum analyzer and FM deviation meter; more;

Communications Troubleshooting; Digital Test Equipment - inlcudes oscilloscopes; multimeters; pulse generators; logic probe; logic pulser; current tracer; logic clip; logic comparator; logic analyzer; signature analyzer;

Microprocessor-Based Digital Troubleshooting -- some troubleshooting problems unique to microprocessors; basic digital IC test and troubleshooting; procedure when a microprocessor does not yield to routine troubleshooting approaches; analyzing microcomputer program flow during troubleshooting; using an analyzer during troubleshooting; NTSC Signals used in television and VCR troubleshooting; more.