Item #C811122 FORTRAN Applications in Business Administration, volume II. Thomas Schriber, Laurence Madeo, University of Michigan.

FORTRAN Applications in Business Administration, volume II.

Univ Michigan, Ann Arbor, no date (1970); 530 pages, illustrations.

Condition: Very Good, large thick softcover, pale yellow cardstock covers, shelfwear overall, binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked. Corporate rubberstamp on upper righthand corner of front cover, bookplate inside front cover, abraded area on inside cover with brown discoloration not affecting cover or text.

Keywords: fortran, business applications of computers

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Item Description

Includes -- Estimating the size of an entering class (Aris); Capital budgeting for multinational business (Aubey); Lease evaluation - the bower, herringer and williamson method (Beagle); A Model for construcitng depreciation tables with user-selected depreciation methods (Beams); Computer analysis of earnings per share of acquisition-oriented companies (Betty) A program for solving elementary Bayesian decision problems (Boisseau, jr);

Volume-mix-price/cost variance analysis (Daugherty); Inventory control simulation (Earl and Chapman); Calculation of rent estimates from normatie rates of return (Emery); A Computer model for computing fully diluted earnings per share (Ford); Non-parametric tests for randomness and independence of data (Gaumnitz); An EPS growth model for financial planning (Gentry); Testing the assumptions of a general linear model -- multiple regression analysis (Kieff, jr); easing vs borrowing - basic interest rate (BIR) approach (Kilbride); A generalized, direct-reduction loan amortization time - profile program (Kinard); A Procedure for processing Questionnaire data by computer (Primeaux, jr); Gozinto algorithm (Ramsing); Queueing Model Simulator (Rosen); more.