Basic Programming Concepts and the IBM 1620 Computer. Daniel Leeson, Donald Dimitry.

Basic Programming Concepts and the IBM 1620 Computer.

Holt, Rinehart & Winston, NY 1962; 368 pages, glossary, photographs of vintage equipment, Index, references.

Condition: Very Good overall, black cloth hardcover with titles in silver on spine and cover; the binding is tight and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: IBM 1620, programming the 1620, 1960's computers, fortran, photographs of the 1620, photographs of old IBM, data processing systems, programming fortran

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Item Description

Contents with SECTIONS each have multiple chapters;
Introd. to Data Processing Systems; Introduction to the 1620 Data Processing System; Basic Programming Concepts; The Algorithms of Arithmetic; The Arithmetic Instructions; Internal Data Transmission; Branch Instructions; Input-Output; Miscellaneous Instructions;

Introduction to a Symbolic Programming System; The Symbolic Programming System; Floating Point Arithmetic; Macro Instructions; Introduction to FORTRAN; Basic 1620 Fortran; Problems; Additional instructions; Direct Divide; Indirect addressing; Floating Point Hardware; The Input-Output Devices (paper-tape reader, paper-tape punch, card punch, console typewriter etc); The 1620 Console (includes multiple photographs); Console Operating Procedures; The Internal Organization of Basic 1620 Fortran; Glossary, reading reference, index.