Item #C811144 High-Speed Computing Devices, stated first edition 1950. C. B. Tompkins, Wakelin, Stifler, Inc The Staff of Engineering Rsearch Associates.
High-Speed Computing Devices, stated first edition 1950
High-Speed Computing Devices, stated first edition 1950
High-Speed Computing Devices, stated first edition 1950

High-Speed Computing Devices, stated first edition 1950.

McGraw-Hill NY, 1950; stated first edition; 451 pages, Index, diagrams, References at ends of each Chapter section.

Condition: Very Good overall hardcover, in Good+ yellow & green dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector; dark blue cloth with some play in the rear hinge and binding secure overall. The pages are secure, clean and unmarked. Jacket has rubbing and chips along top edges, some paper loss along jacket spine top rear, and fading to jacket spine and somewhat along edges of front and rear jacket.

Keywords: high speed computing devices, Engineering Research Associates, automatic computation, 1950s computers

Price: $500.00

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Contents -- The Basic Elements of Machine Computation, introduction and References; Prelliminary considerations, basic components of automatic computation; Counters as Elementary Components - mechanical & electromechanical devices; the flip-flop principle; pulse-sensitive flip-flop circuits; Radix 2 counters; the r-triode counter, modulo r; 2r-triode counter; other types of flip-flop and EPDCC; Switches and Gates; A Functional Approach to Machine Design; Arithmetic Systems; Numerical Analysis;

COMPUTING SYSTEMS -- desk calculators; Punched-Card Computing Systems - includes sections on machines for punched-card calculations; computational operations on IBM Machines; transcription Devices; acquisition of equipment; IBM Card-programmed electronic calculator; references, bibliography;

Large-scale Digital Computing Systems -- relay computing systems in operation; electronic computing systems in operation (as of 1950); electronic computing systems in design or under development; more; Analog Computing Systems -- components; the MIT differential analyzers; the General Electric differential analyzer; Electronic differential analyzer; special analog systems, more; The Form of a Digital Computer -- estimate of size and speed, etc;

PHYSICAL COMPONENTS AND METHODS -- arithmetic elements; transfer mediums; data-conversion equipment - analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, conversion of data from written to automatic machine form, etc; Special Techniques and Equipment for Possible use in Computing Systems; Factors affecting Choice of Equipment - reliability of components; size, cost and speed, more.