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68000 Assembly Language Programming.

ISBN: 0931988624
Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, CA 1981; approximately 520 pages, sections separately paginated; Index; References; diagrams ISBN 0931988624.
Condition: Very Good overall, black and red large thick softcover, binding is sound and secure, pages are clean and unmarked; some shelfwear to cover edges.
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Sections with multiple chapters in each include -- Fundamental concepts -- introduction assembly language programming; Assemblers; 68000 Machine Structure and Assembly Language; introductory problems - program loops, program examples, character-coded data, code conversion, tables and lsits, more; Advanced Topics -- parameter passing techniques, subroutines etc; Using the 6820 peripheral interface adapter (PIA); using the 6850 asynchronous communications interface adapter(ACIA); more; Software Development -- problem definition, program design, documentation, flowcharting; debugging; testing; maintenance and redesign; 68000 Instruction set; appendices; Program Examples.