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Electronic Analog Computers ( D - C Analog Computers) hardcover, no dustjacket, 1952. Korn and Korn, Granino Korn, Theresa M. Korn, Korn.

Electronic Analog Computers ( D - C Analog Computers) hardcover, no dustjacket, 1952.

McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY 1952, 378 pages, Index, diagrams and some photographs; Bibliography.
Condition: Very Good overall, dark blue/black cloth hardcover with title in gilt on spine; no dustjacket. Some shelfwear, light rubbing. The binding is sound, pages clean, glossy, unmarked.
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Contents includes -- Introduction to D-c Analog Computers -- The Need for Electronic Computing Devices - digital and analog computers; Representation of Mathematical Relations; Algebraic Operations; Electronic Integration and Differentiation; Complete D-c Analog Computer Installations, Applications;

Practical Set-up Procedures -- Machine Variables & Scale Factors; Choice of Time Scales; Machine Equations and Block Diagrams; D-c Analog Solution of Linear Differential Equations; Initial Conditions; Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equations; Summary of setup procedure; Alternative method for handling scale factors, more

The Application of D-c Analog Comptuers to Representative Practical Problems -- Problem Preparation; C-c analog computer analysis of a Simple Dynamical System; Analysis and Synthesis of Servomechanisms; Set-up for a trajectory computation; D-c Analog Computer Methods for Solving Aircraft Flight Equations; Using Analog Computers Designing and testing Automatic Pilots;

Theory and Design of Linear Computing Elements -- operational amplifiers and networks -- Potentiometers; Design of Summing Amplifiers; Integrator Performance; Some electronic integrators;The Parallel-Feedback Integrator, error analysis; General Discussion of Op-Amps & Networks; Regenerative Op-Amps;

D-c Amplifiers for Computer Applications -- Principles of DC Amplifier Operation; DC Amplifier Design; Special Amplifier Circuits; Stabilization of Feedback Amplifiers; Practical Examples of Computer Amplifier Design and Construction; Automatic Balancing Circuits;

Multiplication and Function Generation -- Miscellaneous Devices for the Multiplication of two or more variable; Multiplying devcies using feedback to linearize the gain characteristics; Electronic Division; Practical Computer Servomechanisms for D-c Analog Computers; Types of Function Generators; more

Auxiliary Circuits and Computer Operation -- Initial conditions, HOLD condition; Control Circuits; Recording Equipment; Computer Power Supplies; Summary of D-c Analog Computer Operating Procedures; Checking of Solutions;

The Design of Complete D-c Analog Computer Installation -- composite design considerations; Construction, Wiring, and Installation; Front Panel Layout; Low-cost computer Installations; Repetitive Computers; Larger computer installations; Development Trends in the Design of Larger D-c Analog Computers

'a standard technical manual on the setup and use of electronic analog computers, which had very wide application to the end of the 1950s, when electronic digital computers became widely available... Contains a summary of 1950s analog machines, contains a bibliography of sources on this subject...' (Origins of Cyberspace, 759).