Machine and Assembly Language Programming of the PDP-11. Arthur Gill.

Machine and Assembly Language Programming of the PDP-11.

Prentice-Hall NJ 1978 later printing; 191 pages, Index; includes Exercises at ends of Sections; Appendices.

Condition: Very Good hardcover, white, blue and green illustrated cover; slight bumps to corners, light shelfwear; binding is strong and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: PDP-11, DEC PDP-11, assembly language, machine language, assembler, assembly language programming, computers in the 1970s

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Item Description

Contents includes sections with multiple chapters in each -- Number systems; The PDP-11 Organization (central memory, central processor, the teletype, the line clock etc); Representation of numbers and characters;

Instructions and Addressing modes; Assembly Language Programming, includes coding hints; PDP-11 addressing modes; PDP-11 Instructions (partial list); notes on programming style; more.