Item #C811169 The Transistor -- selected reference material on characteristics and applications / Contract DA 36-039 SC-5589 (Task 3). Wiiliam Shockley, R L. Wallace, g Raisbeck.

The Transistor -- selected reference material on characteristics and applications / Contract DA 36-039 SC-5589 (Task 3).

Prepared by Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc for Western Electric Co, Inc, New York, NY 1951; 792 pages.

Condition: Very Good oveall, gray textured cardstock covers; large thick book, 9x12, smudges and a few old dampspots discoloring covers, some wear along spine. Prev. owner's name on blank endpage. Binding is secure and pages are clean, unmarked. Title - The Transistor - bright and clear on the spine and across front cover.

Keywords: transistors, history of the transistor, invention of the transistor, william shockley, junctions transistors, germanium transistors, semi-conductor amplifier, bell telephone laboratories, transistor in the 1950s

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'The material included herein covers the same ground and supplements the talks given at a symposium on transistors, which was held at the Bell Telephone Laboratories during September, 1951... In the three odd years since the transistor was announced, work has been going on to study and perfect this device in order to make it a useful and reliable tool for general application... In this volume, as in the symposium, the treatment follows the general sequence of -- theory, transistor properties, circuit design principles, application and, finally, characteristics of different transistor types now under development...' (from the Foreword)

Contents include -- introduction (JA Morton); Holes and Electrons (William Shockley); The Physics of electronic Semiconductors (GL Pearson); The Theory of p-n Junctions in semiconductors and p-n Junction Transistors (W Shockley); Thoery and Experiment for a Germanium p-n Junction (FS Goucher, GL Pearson, M sparks, GK Teal, W Shockley); The p-n Junction Transistors (W Shockley, M Sparks, GK Teal); The p Germanium Transistor (WG Pfann, JH Scaff);

The Transistor - a New Semiconductor Amplifier (JA Becker, JN Shive); The Coaxial Transistor (WE Kock, RL Wallace, Jr); The Phototransistor (JN Shive); Aging and Temperature Response of Point-Contact Transistors (RM Ryder); Duality as a Guide in Transistor Circuit Design (RL Wallace, Jr., G. Raisbeck); Some Circuit Aspects of the Transistor (RM Ryder, RJ Kicher); Some Circuit Properties and Applications of n-p-n Transistors (RJ Wallace, jr., WJ Pietenpol);

General Considerations concerning Non-linear Circuits and Negative Resistance (BG Farley); Idealized negative resistance characteristics of the Transistors (RLTrent); Some Switching Aspects of Transistors (AE Anderson); Some System Applications of transistor amplifiers (RS Caruthers); A New High-efficiency linear amplifier using a Transistor and a Vacuum Tube (G Raisbeck); A high-efficiency untuned amplifier (Raisbeck); Some experimental and practical applications of transistor oscillators (Caruthers); Modulators in carrier telephone systems (Caruthers); A stabilized transistor delay and switching circuit (Anderson);

A Transistor packaged circuit for multifunctional switching applications (Trent); Stabilized single transistor binary counter (Trent); A Stabilized general purpose two-transistor binary counter (trent); A transistor reversible binary counter (Trent); Four stage binary counter (Trent); Diode gates (Hussey); Anticoincidence or Not And gate (Hussey); Storage and Addition of binary numbers (JR Harris); A packaged angular position encoder (Follingstad); A gray to binary translator and shift register (Yaeger);

Notes on the Design of High Speed digital computers using Transistors (J H Felker); Data on experimental transistor types (JJ Kleinmack, RM Ryder, RJ Kircher, John N Shive).