Item #C811186 AtariWriter Plus Owner's Manual / Atari. Atari.

AtariWriter Plus Owner's Manual / Atari.

Atari, CA 1985, rev. C; , Illustrations, Appendix, Index.

Condition: very good overall, glossy cardstock covers, softcover, red black and white cover with photo illustration of typewriter in trashcan. Inked out names on preliminary page otherwise clean and sound copy.

Keywords: atariwriter, atari peripherals, atari owner's manual, vintage atari manuals, vintage wordprocessing manual

Categories: Microcomputers

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Item Description

Getting Started -- Loading AtariWriter Plus, What's on the Main Menu, The Text Screen;

Writing, Editing, & Printing -- Creating a File, Editing a File, Printing a File, Saving a File, Loading a File, Indexing a File, Deleting a File, Formatting Diskettes, How Much Can You Write with AtariWriter Plus;

Advanced Editing -- Operations on Blocks of Text, Search & Replace, Advanced Disk Operations, 130XE Memory Banks, Programming Capability, Compatibility with Other Work Processing Programs;

Print Formatting & Styling -- Print Preview, The Global Format Screen, Print Formatting Variations within a File, Special Printer Controls;

Atari Proofreader -- Loading Proofreader, What's on the Proofreader Menu, How Proofreader Works, Highlighting Errors, Printing Errors, Correcting Errors, Dictionary Search, Creating Personal Dictionary Files, Proofreading with Personal Dictionary Files;

Atari Mail Merge -- Loading Mail Merge, What's on teh Mail Merge Menu, Creating a File, Editing a File, Printing a File, Saving & Loading Files, Updating Records, Appending Files, Creating Your Own Record Format, Building a Subset, Data Base Merge Character.