Item #C811200 Advances in Information Systems Science, volume 4 1972. Julius Tou.

Advances in Information Systems Science, volume 4 1972.

Plenum Press, NY and London, 1972; 330 pages, Index.

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Keywords: augmentation of machine language, grammars and automata, structure of time-shared computers, time-sharing vs batch processing, error-correcting codes, computers in the 1970s, history of information systems, history of information systems science, ad

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CONTENTS -- Augmentation of Machine Language Level (V K Smirnov) -- software & hardware functions; relation between source and machine languages; hardware interpretatoin of expressions; memory organization; program information structure; subroutine calls; computers with built-in compilers; conclusion and References;

On the Relation between Grammars and Automata (Michael A Harrison) -- phrase-structure grammars; finite automata and right linear grammars; pushdown automata and context-free grammars; deterministric pushdown automata and LR(k) grammars; linear bounded automata and context-sensitive grammars; Turing machines and phrase-structure grammars; References;

An Introduction to Information Structures and Paging Consideratons for On-line text editing systems
An Introduction to the Structure of Time-Shared Computers ( C Gordon Bell and Michael M Gold) -- evoultion of computer systems usage; time-sharing components and criteria; Computer Hardware memories, processors, control units, switches, terminals and transducers, hardware for memory mapping and multiprogramming, special hardware etc; The operating systems structure - common user programs, debugging, console control program etc; The PDP-10 time-sharing system structure; Economics of time-sharing, versus batch applications; conclusion and References;

Error-Correcting Codes in Computer Arithmetic (James L Massey and Oscar N Gardia) -- errors in computer arithmetic etc; the general theory of AN-Codes; Cyclic AN-codes; Multiresidue codes; further comments; implementation of arithmetic codes. The JPL STAR Computer; more

ISBN 0306394049 Includes articles on the augmentation of machine language level, the relation between grammars and automata, the structure of time-shared computers, and error-correcting codes in computer arithmetic.