Item #C811201 Advances in Information Systems Science, volume 2 1969. Julius Tou.

Advances in Information Systems Science, volume 2 1969.

Plenum Press, NY and London, 1969; 351 pages, Index.

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Keywords: computers in the 1960s, history of information systems, history of information systems science, advances in information systems science, human information processing, Infomration Storage and Retrieval System, Semantics of Programming Languages, Stoc

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CONTENTS -- Learning Systems (Ya. Z. Tsypkin) -- learning algorithms; optimal algorithms; learning recognition or classification; examples of learning systems; conclusion and References;

Stochastic Computing Systems (B R Gaines) -- Computational problems of learning machines and pattern recognizers; emergence of stochastic computing, round-off error elimination in analog-digital convertors etc; the Linear stochastic computer, integrators with feedback, pseudorandom stochastic generators etc;

The Theoretical foundations of Stochastic Computing; Alternative stochastic representations of quantity; Sequential stochastic computing elements; Adaptive threshold Logic; Gradient techniques for the identification of linear systems; Bayes' predictor for binary inputs; Networks of stochastic computing elements, relation to neural nets etc; more

Semantics of Programming Languages (J W de Bakker) -- basic concepts, McCarthy's Theory of Computation, flow diagrams etc; Formal definition of programming languages; conclusion and references;

Information Storage and Retrieval Systems (Michael E Senko) -- history and applications, mathematics and information retrieval; Specialized processing; Storage and retrieval, devices etc;

Some Characteristics of Human Information Processing (Earl Hunt and Walter Makous) -- communicating with the environment - the I-O system; the interface problem; information analysis of sensory function; of human output; the brain - physical considerations;

A functional Analysis of Human Data Handling, real time problem solving etc; Man in an INformation System, computer output, human input; human output, computer input; why the difference between man and machine; Robots; more.