Advances in Information Systems Science, volume 5 1974. Julius Tou.

Advances in Information Systems Science, volume 5 1974.

Plenum Press, NY and London, 1974; 343 pages, Index.

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Keywords: computers in the 1960s, 1960s computers, history of information systems, history of information systems science, advances in information systems science, transformational grammar, applications of microprogramming, user-microprogrammable computers

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CONTENTS -- Data Organization and Access Methods (P C Patton) -- linear lists and processes; array structures; tree structures; multilinked structures; data base design and management; security and confidentiality; some nformation handling systems, more;

Design of Software for On-line Minicomputer Applications (James D Schoeffler) -- the keys to minicomputer software organization; minicomputer applications and their software requirements, data acquisition and direct digital control, minicomputer-based communication systems, more

A Survey of the Status of Microprogramming (C V Ramamoorthy) -- hardwired control vs. microprogrammed control, evolution of microprogramming - early efforts, contemporary 1970s microprogrammed computers; architectural variations in current 1970s microprogrammed systems; emulation; microprogrammed implementation of key operating system and language translation primitives; microdiagnostics; microprogrammed implementation of new I/O and memory devices; strategies for microprogram optimization; applications of microprogramming - user-microprogrammable computers etc;

Some Grammars and Recognizers for Formal and Natural Languages ( J A Moyne) -- recognizers and acceptor automata; transformational grammar; applications in information science, more.