Item #C811205 The New Breed Micro-Hybrid Operational Amplifiers -- a Status Report. Inc Philbrick Researches.

The New Breed Micro-Hybrid Operational Amplifiers -- a Status Report.

Philbrick Researches, Inc, Dedham MA, Report as of August 1966; 12 page plus tan cardstock covers; diagrams, tables.

Condition: Very Good, tan textured cardstock covers, stapled 8.5x11 large brochure; slight shelfwear, lower righthand corners a bit thumbed. Staples are tight, pages are clean and unmarked. Double-column text. Titles in red on cover.

Keywords: philbrick, operational amplifers, op-amps

Price: $25.00

Item Description

Promotional brochure by the company about the micro-hybrid operational amplifier.

'One year ago, in August, 1965, we first introduced our new line of 'micro-hybrid' operational amplifiers, which were unique in that they combined the best of two technologies -- the linear monolithic-chip and discrete micro-miniature components. Since then, a year's evaluation by more than 200 systems organizations has demonstrated beyond question the unequaled performance and reliability of this NEW BREED.

This summary of what we believe to be the role of the NEW BREED is presented for the information of engineering managers, design supervisors, and senior scientists in the Aeropace/Weaponry field. It is now apparent that analog-circuit (linear) subsystems relating on monolithic-chip designs are in danger of rapid or even immediate obsolescence; they will be no longer competitive, either technologically or economically.

The micro-hybrid Operational Amplifier [has] orders-of-magnitude superiority in many electrical performance parameters...

This report has been divided into six 'chapters'... Why we designed the micro-hybrid Operational Amplifier; why Philbrick Operational Amplifiers are inherently more reliable than any linear-chip design; How you can save money on your total system budget by paying more for the Operational Amplifier; How you can help to guarantee the on-time, in budget delivery of your system; What the NEW BREED can do for your system; Why micro-hybrid Operational Amplifiers are clearly the component of choice...' (from the first page introduction).