Annual Review in Automatic Programming volume 2 1961. Richard Goodman, International Tracts in Computer Science, Technology vol 2.

Annual Review in Automatic Programming volume 2 1961.

Pergamon Press, London & NY 1961; 394 pages, appendix, diagrams, references.

Condition: Good+ overall, red-pebbled hardcover, title blocked in black & gold on cover & spine; lacks dustjacket. Binding sound tho cracked - ie, pages lie flat when opened several points; rubberstamp of engineering library on pastedown; internally clean, unmarked.

Keywords: automatic programming, algol 60, algol, computers in the 1960s, COBOL, SAKO, autocode, compilers, machine language

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Contents -- The Use of the GENIE Sysem in Numerical Calculation (JK Iliffe); A Description of MERCURY Autocode in Terms of a Phrase Structured Language (RA Brooker and D Morris); Interference with an ALGOL Procedure (H Rutishauser);

The ELLIOTT 803 Autocode Mark II (J Pym and GK Findlay); MADAP II (DH Bradford and MB Wells); APT, a Common Computer Language (RP Rich); SAKO, an Automatic Coding System (L Lukaszewicz); Arithmetic Formulae and Subroutines in SAKO (AW Mazurkiewicz);

A Detailed Description of COBOL (Jean E Sammet); FACT - a Business Compiler - Description and Comparison with COBOL and Commercial Translator (RF Clippinger);

A Critical Discussion of COBOL (EL Willey et al); The Growth of a Commercial Programming Language (HD Baecker); UNCOL -- the myth and the fact (T B Steel, jr); General Views on COBOL (Jean E Sammet);

Appendix -- Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 60.