Item #C8810 Annual Review in Automatic Programming volume 3, 1963. Richard Goodman, International Tracts in Computer Science and Technology.

Annual Review in Automatic Programming volume 3, 1963.

Pergamon Press, London & NY 1963; 360 pages, appendix, diagrams, references.

Condition: Good+ overall, red-pebbled hardcover in Good dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Binding sound tho pages lie flat when opened several points; jacket chipped, edgeworn,rubberstamp of engineering library on pastedown; pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: autocode, automatic programming languages, compilers, ALGOL, jovial, seal, algol 60, rapidwrite, machine language

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Item Description

Contents -- The Description of computing Processes -- some observations on Automatic Programming and ALGOL 60 (M Woodger); Generalized ALGOL (A Van Wijngaarden); On the Design of Machine Independent Programming Languages (E W Dijkstra);

The Use of Recursive Procedures in ALGOL 60 (H Rutishauser); JOVIAL -- a Programming Language for Real-line Command Systems (CJ Shaw); Towards an ALGOL Translator (B Higman);

A Multi-Pass Translation Scheme for ALGOL 60 (EN Hawkins and DHR Huxtable); The Structure and Use of the Syntax Directed Compiler (E T Irons);

The Compiler Compiler (R A Brooker, IR MacCallum, D Morris and JS Rohl); Progress in Some Commercial Source Languages (A D'Agapeyeff, HD Baecker and BJ Gibbens); Rapidwrite (E Humby);

'File Processing' in SEAL (KW Clark);

Appendix -- two papers on an ALGOL Translator for the XI; Also included at rear are table of contents for volumes 1 and 2 of the series.