Modern Trends in Cybernetics and Systems , 3 volumes Proceedings Romania 1975. J. Rose, C. Bilciu, Proceedings Third International Congress Cybernetics, Systems.

Modern Trends in Cybernetics and Systems , 3 volumes Proceedings Romania 1975.

Springer-Verlag Berlin & NY 1977; 3 volumes hardcover details below; photographs, diagrams, Index.

Condition: Good overall, 3 thick red cloth hardcovers stamped in gilt on covers & spine; some shelfwear & rubbing; V1 front hinge split & reglued; V2 some play in binding; V3 hinges weak. Overall bindings are sound. Pages clean, unmarked. Paper toned with age.

Keywords: proceedings on cybernetics and systems, cybernetics, artificial intelligence in the 1970s, conference in romania, economics simulation, fuzzy systems, adaptable arrays, duplication of human actions, neurocybernetics, biocybernetics

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incl official & other meetings, exhibitions, symposia, full authors' index, var. messages & addresses, comments etc. Symposium - Economic Cybernetics & Management -- operations research techniques; dynamics & fuzziness in management information systems; Systems Theory; Bio-Medical Cybernetics - sybernetic concepts & hjman ills - studies by computer simulation; bio-cybernetics & bio-engineering; perception & topology; more; Prospects of science & technology in the next 30 years (ca. 1977);

European European working group of Fuzzy Systems - fuzzy mathematics, theory & applications; Development of Informatics in the next 25 years; algorithmic planning; Heuresis etc;

Systems & Models - concept of fuzziness in the theory of automata; fuzzy calculus & it recognition technique; L-fuzzy automata, description of a neural model; optimal control for stochastic process using a Feynman integral; evolutions & stabilities; the goal-space of the cybernetical system; abstract programming; control & topology; more; Industrial Cybernetics - (law, oil industry, inventory management, marketing, power systems, etc);

Cybernetics & Environment (marine micro-organisms, remote sensing, population as a system, simulating models etc); Communication, Education and Informatics - a nationwide communication network; events mapping & recognition in associative memory; man-machine communication via remote terminals;

GTSF time-sharing system; optoelectronic computing system using holographic filters; mathematics & the future; some aspects of memory allocation in multi-programmed computer systems; data collection & pre-processing microcomputer system; more;

Artificial Intelligence - adaptable arrays; statistical theory stochastic automata; simulation of consciousness; programming a robot by goal-oriented languages; duplication of human actions; memory of a simple robot; more; Neuro- and Bio-Cybernetics; much more.