Item #C8818 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology. David Elliott.

Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology.

McGraw-Hill NY 1982; 405 pages, Index, photographs, diagrams, Bibliography.

Condition: Very Good black hardcover title in white on spine; in Very Good+ dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Ghost of old label on endpage. Binding solid & square, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: IC fabrication, integrated circuits, manufacturing silicon wafers

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'Clearly and concisely follows the various stages in the processing of a silicon wafer... gives primarry coverage to the photofabrication steps themselves, the steps that actually delineate the circuit paths...' (from the jacket flap)

Contents -- IC Fabrication Process, an overview - starting-material processes; Imaging Processes; Deposition and Growth Processes; Etching & Masking Processes; The Photofabrication Process; Resist Classification; Wafer Characterization; Surface Preparation; Photoresist Coating; Softbake; Exposure; Development; Postbaking; Etching; Resist Removal; Resist Quality Control; Mask Fabrication; Advanced Imaging; Index.

(These are SECTION headings, with multiple chapters in each section). Each section includes References & Bibliography..