Item #C8824 Automata Studies, Annals of Mathematics Studies Number 34. Claude E. SHANNON, John McCarthy.

Automata Studies, Annals of Mathematics Studies Number 34.

Princeton University Press, 1956; 285 pages, illustrated, Text diagrams;.

Condition: Fair to Good overall, original orange paper printed wrappers; wrappers detached from spine and cover; overall dinginess & smudges on covers & textblock corners, prev. owner's name upper righthand corner front cover; cover lower righthand corner crease; some edgewear.Pages clean with a few margin notations.

Keywords: automata, automata studies, claude shannon, von neumann, john mccarthy, marvin minksy, turing machines, synthesis of automata, intelligent machines

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Item Description

Key early compendium of articles by authorities in the field of automata, intelligent machines, artificial intelligence AI and computing, robots, heuristics, neural networks, etc.

The papers have been divided into three groups. The first group consists of papers dealing with automata having a finite number of possible internal states [i.e, the brain and all actual physical machines] ... The second group of papers deals with the theory of Turing machines and related questions, that is to say, with automata having an unlimited number of possible states ... The third section of the book contains papers relating more directly to the synthesis of automata which will simulate in some sense the operation of a living organism' (pp. vi-viii).

Included are papers by John von Neumann ('Probabilistic logics and the synthesis of reliable organisms from unreliable parts'), Marvin Minsky ('Some universal elements for finite automata), John McCarthy ('The inversion of functions defined by Turing machines'), and Claude E. Shannon ('A universal Turing machine with two internal states' and 'Computability by probabilistic machines', with K. de Leeuw, E. F. Moore, and N. Shapiro).See, OOC 893.

Contents -- FINITE AUTOMATA - Representation of Events in Nerve Nets and Finite Automata (Kleene); Probabilistic Logics & the Synthesis of Reliable Organisms from Unreliable Components (von Neumann); Some Uneconomical Robots (Culbertson); Some Universal Elements for Finite Automata (Minsky); Gedanken-Experiments on Sequential Machines (Moore);

TURING MACHINES -- A Universal Turing Machine with Two Intenal States (CE Shannon); A Note on Universal Turing Machines (Davis); The Inversion Functions Defined by Turing Machines (McCarthy); Computabillity of Probabilistic Machines (de Leeuw, Moore, Shannon & Shapiro);

SYNTHESIS OF AUTOMATA -- Design for an Intelligence-Amplifier (W Ross Ashby); The Epistemological Problem for Automata (MacKay); Conditional Probability Machines and Conditioned Reflexes (Uttley); Temporal and Spatial Patterns in a Conditional Probability Machine (Uttley).