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Symbolic Languages in Data Processing ; Proceedings Symposium Rome, March 1962. data processing symposium proceedings, various contributors.

Symbolic Languages in Data Processing ; Proceedings Symposium Rome, March 1962.

Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, NY 1962; 849 pages; diagrams.
Condition: Good overall hardcover in Good dustjacket, laminated plastic jacket protector; exlibrary with rubberstamps on endpages, slip removed from endpage leaving remnants, label on jacket spine. Jacket flaps are glued to the boards. Hinges weak and binding has some 'play' in it. Pages clean and unmarked.
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Proceedings of the Symposium organized and edited by the International Computation Centre; Rome, March 26-31, 1962.
CONTENTS -- THEORY OF LANGUAGES - SYNTACTICAL STRUCTURE & META LANGUAGES - (Gorn) Axiomatic Approach to Prefix Languages; (Ingerman) Translation technique for Languages whose syntax is expressible in extended backus normal form; (Paul) General Processor for certain formal languages; (Culik) Formal Structure of ALGOL & Simplification of its description; (Riguet) Programmation et Theorie des Categories; Metasyntactic and Metasemantic Languages;

LIST PROCESSING & PROCESSORS FOR SYMBOL MANIPULATION LANGUAGES - (Bosche) COMIT - a language for symbol manipulation; (Weizenbaum) KLS Processing System; Growing Tree for Descriptor Language Translation; Declarative Control of the Data Flow by means of recursive functions; Languages for Aiding Compiler writing; CONSTRUCTION OF PROCESSORS FOR

SYNTACTICALLY HIGHLY STRUCTURED LANGUAGES - (Samuelson & Bauer) The ALCOR Project; (Huskey) Machine Independence in Compiling; (van der Poel) Construction of ALGOL Translator for a small computer; (Dijkstra) Attempt to Unify the Constituent Concepts of Serial Program Execution; ALGOL System for small & Medium sized computers; Sequential Translation of Problem-oriented programming language; Construction of efficient compilers for small slow computers; non-dynamic aspects of recursive programming; Efficient handling of subscripted variables in ALGOL 60 compilers; Mthode d'edition d'un programme en language symbolique; Efficient compilator of programs written in a mixed programming languge; Philosophies for efficient processor construction;

DESIGN OF PROBLEM-ORIENTED LANGUAGES -- ALGOL & COMPETITORS -- (Naur) Basic Philosophy Conccepts & Features of ALGOL; Automatic Programming & ALGOL 60; Generalized ALGOL; Family of symbolic input languages and an ALGOL compiler; PALGO -- algorithmic language & translators for Olivetti E LEA 6001; Algebraic Compilers for Bendix G.20 computing system; JOVIAL; COLASL Automatic Coding Language; Compiler-interpreter for numerical oreinted languages translation;

DESIGN OF LANGUAGES -- FOR COMMERCIAL PROBLEMS -- Rapidwrite - COBOL without tears; SEAL for business data processing; Autocode for table manipulation; more; DESIGN OF SPECIAL LANGUAGES;

PROBLEMS OF PROGRAMMING SYSTEMS; Language for Contract Bridge bidding; Program Interchangeability; Communication between Computers of Different Types; Is unification of ALGOL-COBOL ALGOL-FORTRAN possible; MORE.