Item #CA3090 Electronic components and measurements. Bruce D. Wedlock, James K. Roberge.
Electronic components and measurements

Electronic components and measurements.

Prentice-Hall Inc, NJ, 1969, 338 pp, Illlustrations, Exercises, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Very Good dark gray hardcover, no dustjacket. prev. owners name blacked out on pastedown. Otherwise, clean and unmarked pages, binding is tight. Slight wear at upper rear corner.

Keywords: Transistors, Semiconductors, oscilloscopes

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safety in the laboratory -- the fatal current, shop tools, chemical hazards, some saftey rules; basic laboratory practices-- laboratory notebook, abbreviations, multipliers, & prefixes, component identification, breadboard construction practice, noise pickup;

elements of data presentation & analysis-- preliminary procedure, types of graph paper, tabular data presentation; elementary oscilloscopes -- oscilloscope block diagram, amplifiers, time base; basic DC & AC meters -- DC ammeters, CD voltmeters, calibration & meter errors, AC measurements;

graphical display of two- & three- terminal characteristics -- graphical oscilloscope displays of two-terminal characteristics, graphical oscilloscope displays of three-terminal characteristics, transistor curve tracer, X-Y recorders; resistors -- resistor limitations, resistor types, resistance measurement; capacitors -- capacitor structure & limitations, capacitor types, capacitance measurement & AC bridges, transient measurement of capacitors;

inductors & transformers -- inductor structure, loss mechanisms in inductors, coupled coils; DC power sources -- batteries, line-operated power supplies, solar cells; advanced oscillascopes-- CRT controls, vertical amplifiers, oscilloscope probes, time base, oscilloscope photography;

storage & sampling oscilloscopes -- storage oscilloscopes, sampling oscilloscopes; advanced voltage & current measurements -- potential measurements, digital voltmeters, special meters & range extension; signal & pulse generators -- oscillators, pulse generators, function generators; time, frequency, & waveform analysis -- time & frequency standards and MORE;

operational amplifiers -- digital integrated circuits; RF impedance measurements;; coaxial cables; thermal measurements & heat sinks -- temperature measurement, thermal ratings of components, heat sinks; basic characteristics of semiconductor devices -- semiconductor diodes, transistors, unijunction transistors, silicon controlled rectifiers.