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The Secret Guide to Computers -- 24th Edition for 1998. Russ Walter.

The Secret Guide to Computers -- 24th Edition for 1998.

Russ Walter, MA, 1998, 639 pages, Illustrations, Index.
Condition: Very Good large over-sized glossy covers, softcover, some corner small creases and edgewear to covers, binding is tight; pages are clean and unmarked.
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Other hardware- Keyboards, Graphics-input devices, Speakers, Modems, Tapes, Cases, Surge suppressors; Software- Kinds of Software, Operating Systems, Languages, Programs, Data, Software companies, Buying software; IBM-compatibles- IBM technology, How clones are priced, Famous clones, Apple- Apple's influence, Original Apple, Apple 2, Apple 3, Lisa, Macs, Who runs Apple; Alternative Computers - Commodore, Tandy, Atari;

OPERATING SYSTEMS -- Windows 95, Starting, Calculator, Workpad, Paint, Time, My Computer, File's shortcut menu, Deleting files, Tricks; Windows 3.1 & 3.11- Starting, Accessories, Main Window; MS-DOS- Get into DOS, Simple Commands, External Commands, Edit your disks, Batch files, Boot, Special keys, Analyze the computer, Print on paper,Tricks; Mac system- Start your Mac, Use the mouse, Pull down a menu, Explode an icon, Run Teachtext, Advanced features;

WORD PROCESSING -- Microsoft Word- Starting, Formating Toolbar, Select text, Standard toolbar, CONTROL key; Ami Pro; Q&A Write; Word Perfect; COMMUNICATION-- Internet, FAX, Local-area networks; SPREADSHEETS -- Excel; 1-2-3 & Quattro;

DATABASES -- Q&A File; Advanced databases; TRICKY APPLICATIONS -- Graphics; Desktop publishing; Multimedia; Accounting; Personal programs; Games; Artificial intelligence; PROGRAMMING -- BASIC; DBASE; PASCAL; C; LOGO; FORTRAN; COBOL; Strange tongues; Assembler; END NOTES -- Repairs; Our past; Your future; Numerical analysis;.