Item #CB3286 Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, & Applications with the 8085/8080A Fourth Edition, ISBN 81-900828-7-6. Ramesh S. Gaonkar.

Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, & Applications with the 8085/8080A Fourth Edition, ISBN 81-900828-7-6.

New Age International Pub., India, 2000, fourth revised edition from 1996, 720 pages, Illust., Assignments,Solutions,Appendices, Index.

Condition: Good+ overall, large thick softcover, covers show creases,edgewear, rubbing and wear at spine ends; prev. owner's name and address rubberstamps on lower titlepage etc. BInding is sound, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: 8085/8080A, micros, microprocessor architecture, Programming Microcomputers, Memory Systems, Assembly Language, 8 bit, 16 bit, 8085, 8085A, SDK-85

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MICROCOMPUTER SYSTEMS & HARDWARE -- Microcomputers, Microprocessors, & Assembly Language- Digital Computers, Computer Languages; Microprocessor Architecture & Microcomputer Systems -- Microprocessor Architecture & Its Operations, Memory;

8085 Microprocessor Architecture & Memory Interfacing -- The 8085 MPU, Example of an 8085-Based Microcomputer; Interfacing I/O Devices-- Basic Interfacing Concepts, Interfacing Output Displays;

PROGRAMMING THE 8085/8080A -- Introduction to 8085/8080A Assembly Language Programming -- The 8085/8080A Programming Model, Instruction Classification;

Introduction to 8085/8080A Instructions -- Data Transfer (Copy) Operations, Arithmetic Operations, Logic Operations, Branch Operations; Programming Techniques wirh Additional Instructions -- Programming Techniques- Looping, Counting, & Indexing, Additional Data Transfer and 16-Bit Arithmetic Instructions, Arithmetic Operations Related to Memory, Logic Operations- Rotate, Counters & Time Delays -- Counters & Time Delays, Illustrative Program- Hexadecimal Counter, Illustrative Program- Zero-to-Nine (Modulo Ten) Counter; Stack & Subroutines -- Stack, Subroutine, Conditional Call & Return Instructions, Advanced Subroutine Concepts;

Code Conversion, BCD Arithmetic, & 16-Bit Data Operations -- BCD-to-Binary Conversion, Binary-to-BCD Conversion; Software Development Systems & Assemblers -- Microprocessor-Based Software Development Systems, Operating Systems;

INTERFACING PERIPHERALS (I/Os) & APPLICATIONS - - Interrupts - The 8085/ 8080A Interrupt; Interfacing Data Converters -- Digital-to-Analog (D/A) Converters; SDK-85 Programmable Interface Devices-- Basic Concepts in Programmable Devices;

General-Purpose Programmable Peripheral Devices -- The 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface; Serial I/O & Data Communication -- Basic Concepts in Serial I/O; Microprocessor Applications-- Designing Scanned Displays, Interfacing a Matrix Keyboard; Trends in Microprocessor Technology -- Contemporary 8-Bit Microprocessors, More.