Item #CG1005 The Origins of Feedback Control, first English edition 1970. Otto Mayr.

The Origins of Feedback Control, first English edition 1970.

MIT Press, Cambridge MA & London, 1970; orig. published in German 1969; 151 pages, Index, Notes, Illustrated with photographs and diagrams throughout.

Condition: Good+ overall, hardcover, gold-yellow cloth, no dustjacket; spine ends show some fading & edgewear, hinges slightly weakened, smudges and old faded 'ring stain' on cloth. Internal pages clean, sound, unmarked, secure.

Keywords: feedback loops, control mechanics, mechanical automata, cybernetics history, feedback control

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INCLUDES -- THE DEFINITION OF FEEDBACK - An Example, James Watt's Centrifugal Governor; The Block Diagram; Criteria for the Identification of Feedback Control Systems;

ANTIQUITY, MIDDLE AGES & RENAISSANCE - Feedback Control in Hellenistic Technology - Ktesibios; The Oil Lamp of Philon of Byzantium; Heron of Alexandria; Ancient Feedback Devices, summary; Float Valve Regulators in the Tradition of Ancient Water Clocks - The CLock of Gaza; Clock of Pseudo-Archimedes; Al-Jazari; Ridwan al-Khurasani, called Ibn al-Sa-ati; Subsequent Fate of the Water Clocks;

FLOAT VALVES IN THE TRADITION OF HERON'S PNEUMATICA - The Banu Musa; float-valve regulators; on-off control; principle of Philon's oil lamp; Heron's Pneumatica after the Banu Musa;

AUTOMATIC CONTROL IN ANCIENT CHINA - the south-pointing Chariot; Drinking-straw Regulator; Float valve regulators;

MODERN TIMES AFTER 1600 -- TEMPERATURE REGULATORS - thermostatic furnaces of Cornelius Drebbel; Further temperature regulators in the 17th Century - Schwenter, Hooke, Beecher; Reaumur & the Prince de Conti; William Henry's 'Sentinel Register'; Bonnemain; FLOAT VALVE REGULATORS - the reappearance of float valve regulators in 18th century; James Brindley; I I Polzunov; Sutton Thomas Wood; Final acceptance as a component of steam boilers; PRESSURE REGULATORS - safety valve of Papin; Robert Delap; Matthew Murray; Boulton & Watt; FEEDBACK CONTROL ON MILLS - the Mill-Hopper; THe Fan-tail; self-regulating windmill sails; sensing the speed of rotation - centrifugal fan with baffle; centrifugal pendulums; Speed Regulation - mead's regulator; hooper's regulator; the Millwrights, summary;

SPEED REGULATION OF STEAM ENGINE - Watt's Governor; spread of centrifugal governor; regulator of Brothers Perier; PENDULE SYMPATHIQUE OF BREGUET;

Conclusion - rise during 18th century; General Concept of Closed Feedback Loop; Subsequent Developments.