Item #CG1013 DATA PROCESSING Volume VI; Proceedings of the 1963 International Conference. Safford Field, burroughs corporation / punched cards/ Daniel D. McCracken / Data Processing Management Association.

DATA PROCESSING Volume VI; Proceedings of the 1963 International Conference.

DPMA, IL 1963; 498 pages, tables & illustrations; Data Processing Volume VI, proceedings DPMA 1963.

Condition: Very Good hardcover, no dustjacket; ex-military library stamps inside cover & titlepg; pocket at rear, top fore-edge stamped Technical Documents Center; corners sml bump; else clean & sound; binding is tight, internal pages clean & unmarked. A solid copy.

Keywords: data processing, punched cards, social impact of computers, computers in the 1960s, burroughs corporation, data processing management, DPMA, Data Processing Management Association, history of data processing

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New Directions (Ray Eppert, Burroughs Corporation);

DATA PROCESSING MANAGEMENT - the Rising Status of Data Processing Personnel (Drucker; Gilbert; Meacham); Effects of Data Processing on Non-Data Processing Personnel (Flakoll, Remington); The Management Information System (Neuendorf); Economic Aspects of Data Processing (Axsmith); Gaining the Auditor's Confidence (Cadematori, Weiss); External Support for Data Processing (Evans, Simmermacher, Yowell); Use of Consultants (Baumann); Banking (Kindy); Utilities (Bromley); Retailing (McBrier); Government (Henriques); Transportation (Plugge); Insurance (Irwin); Manufacturing (Plant); School System Administration (Flowers, Pullen);

COMPUTER MANAGEMENT -- Management of the Computer Department (Wofsey); Sequence of Installation Procedures (Allott); An Introduction to Software (Daniel D. McCracken); Computer Evaluation (Redmond); Random vs. Sequential Processing (Wolfe); Cobol Experience Reviewed (Phillips); Data COmmunications for Computer Processing (McMains, Silveira); The Use of Decision Tables (Allen, Kavanagh); Simulation by Computer (Cornish); Information Retrieval (Luhn); PERT and CPM by Computer (Buckland); Operations Research & Operational Accounting (Curtis, Jacobson); Inventory Control & Scheduling (McPherson, Matthies);

PUNCHED CARD MANAGEMENT - New Directions in Punched Card Systems Design (MacGuire, Myers); Data Collection & Transmission for Punched Cards (Smith); Information Retrieval by Punched Card (Burgeson); Personnel Accounting (Drake); Financial Reporting (Black); Marketing assistance (Martin).