The Computer From Pascal to von Neumann. Herman H. Goldstine.

The Computer From Pascal to von Neumann.

Princeton University Press, NJ 1972, first edition; 378 pages, Index, Appendices, Photographs.

Condition: Very Good- hardcover in Good+ dustjacket & clear cover; front right corner bumped; dj priceclipped, wear to extremities, closed & creased 1 inch tear along front bottom, 2 inch closed tear at dj front top. Internal pages clean & unmarked, binding is sound.

Keywords: ENIAC, EDVAC, von Neumann, moore school of electrical engineering, history of computing, history of computers, books on the history of computing, books about early computers

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THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND UP TO WORLD WAR II -- beginnings; Charles Babbage & his Analytical Engine; The Astronomical Ephemeris; The Universities - Maxwell & Boole; Integrators & Planimeters; Michelson, Fourier Coefficients & the Gibbs Phenomenon; Boolean Algebra - x(squared) = xx = x; Billings, Hollerith & The Census; Ballistics & the Rise of the Great Mathematicians; Bush's Differential Analyzer & Other Analog Devices; Adaptation to Scientific Needs; Renascence & Triumph of Digital Means of Computation;

WARTIME DEVELOPMENTS -- ENIAC and EDVAC -- Electronic Efforts prior to the ENIAC; The Ballistic Research Laboratory; Differences Between Analog & Digital Machines; Beginnings of the ENIAC; The ENIAC as a Mathematical Instrument; John von Neumann & the Computer; Beyond the ENIAC; The Structure of the EDVAC; The Spread of Ideas; First Calculations on the ENIAC;

POST-WORLD WAR II -- THE VON NEUMANN MACHINE & THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY -- Post-EDVAC Days; The Institute for Advanced Study Computer; Automata Theory and Logic Machines; Numerical Mathematics; Numerical Meteorology; Engineering Activities and Achievements; The Computer and UNESCO; The Early Industrial Scene; Programming Languages;

Conclusions; Appendix -- World-Wide Developments.