COMPUTERS AND THOUGHT. Edward Feigenbaum, Julian Feldman.


McGraw-Hill 1963; 535 pages, Index, Bibliography, illus.

Condition: Very Good hardcover in Very Good dustjacket & clear acetate glassine protector; prev. owner's rubberstamped name/address on front endpage, light shefwear; wear on dj corners; smudges of old dirt on top fore-edge. Binding is sound, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, cognitive processes, heuristics, chess-playing progams, can a machine think, computing machinery and intelligence, pattern recognition, natural language, machine learning, simulate human thought, turing, minsky, problem-solv

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Item Description

Anthology of 20 research reports & discussions of outstanding accomplishments in the use of computers to simulate human thought processes; artificial intelligence, AI, simulation of cognitive processes etc. Includes papers by Armer, Chomsky, Clarkson, Feigenbaum, Feldman, Gelernter, Green, Gullahorn, Hansen, Hovland, Hunt, Laughery, Lindsay, Loveland, Minsky, Neisser, Newell, Samuel, Selfridge, Shaw, Simon, Slagle, Tonge, Turing, Uhr, Vossler & Wolf.

CONTENTS -- Artificial Intelligence -- Can A Machine Think - Computing Machinery and Intelligence (A M Turing); Machines tht Play Games -- Chess-Playing Programs & the Problem of Complexity (Allen Newell, Shaw & Simon); Some studies in machine learning using the game of checkers (Samuel);

Machines That Prove mathematical Theorems -- Empirical exploration with the Logic theory machine, case study in heuristics; Realization of a Geometry-theorem proving machine; Empirical explorations of the geometry-theorem proving machine; Two Important Applications -- Summary of a Heuristic Line Balancing procedure;

Heuristic Program that Solves Symbolic Integration problems; Question-Answering Machines - Baseball - An Automatic question answerer; Inferential Memory as basis of machines which understand natural language;

Pattern Recognition -- Pattern rec. by machine; Pattern Rec. program that generates evaluates & adjusts its own opreators; Simulation of Cognitive Processes -- Problem-Solving - GPS, a program that simulates human thought (Allen, Newell, Simon);

Verbal Learning & Concept Formation - the Simulation of Verbal learning behavior; Programming a model of human concept forumation; Decision-making under Uncertainty - Simulation of Behavior in the Binary Choice experiment; A Model of the Trust investment process; Social Behavior - A computer model of Elementary social behavior; Survey of Approaches & Attitudes - Attitudes Toward Intelligent machines; Steps toward Artificial Intelligence (marvin Minsky);

BIBLIOGRAPHY - a Selected Descriptor-indexed bibliography to the literature on artificial intelligence (marvin minsky).