Convention Record of the IRE 1953 ; Part 7 - ELECTRONIC COMPUTERS -- March 23-26, 1953. Convention Record of the IRE 1953 Institute of Radio Engineers, J Presper Eckert, Wilkes, Phister, EDSAC, Whirlwind.

Convention Record of the IRE 1953 ; Part 7 - ELECTRONIC COMPUTERS -- March 23-26, 1953.

Institute of Radio Engineers, NY 1953; 72 pages, double-column print, photographs, circuit diagrams.

Condition: Good+ to very good overall, 8.5x11. Rear cover old dampstains with fading from green to light brown; spots inside front cover with bleed of light green in 2 places onto facing page (table of contents); cover scuffs & soil. Binding is tight, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: IBM 701, pres eckert, m v wilkes, whirlwind computer, electronic digital computers, computers in the 1950s, EDSAC, IAS computer, UNIVAC, ENIAC

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Sessions on Electronic computers, I & II; symposium - Diagnosic programs & marginal checking for large scale digital computers

CONTENTS -- Multichannel Analog Input-Output Conversion System for Digital Computer (M L McKnight and P A Adamson); An Analog- to-Digital Converter with an Improved Linear-Sweep Generator (D W Slaughter); Dynamic Binary Counter with Analog Read-Out (Leroy Packer); Life and Reliability Experience with Transistors in a High Speed Digital Computer (abstract) (J J Scanlon); Engineering Experience in the Design and Operation of a Large Scale Electrostatic Memory (JC Logue, AE Brennemann and AC Koelsch); Analog Computing with Magnetic Amplifiers Using Multiphase A-C Voltages (JE Richardson);

Some Recent Developments in Logical Or-and-Or Pyramids for Digital computers (Cornelius Leondes and Morris Rubinoff); Magnetic Core Switches as Logical Elements in Computers (abstract) (EA Sands); Magnetic Shift Register Using One Core Per Bit (RD Kodis, S Ruhman and WD Woo); A Simple Computer for Automatically Plotting Correlation Functions (A H Schooley); Diagnostic Programs and Marginal Checking in the Whirlwind I Computer (NL Daggett and ES Rich);

Diagnostic Programming Techniques for the IBM Type 701 E.D.P.M. (LR Walters); Diagnosis and Prediction of Malfunctions in the Computing Machine at the Institute for Advanced StudyChecking Circuits and Diagnostic Routines (J[ohn] P[resper] Eckert); Experience with Marginal Checking and Automatic Routining of the EDSAC (M[aurice] V Wilkes, Montgomery Phister Jr., and SA Barton)

Photographs of memory frame, memory drawer, oscillograms, circuit & logic diagrams, SIMCOR, film embosser, photo of computer rooms,etc. References at ends of articles.

Eckert's article discusses ENIAC error diagnosis & evaluation, checking circuits, BINAC design, UNIVAC design, checking circuits in operation, comparision of diagnostic routines & checking circuits on UNIVAC etc; Wilkes & Phister - marginal checking on the EDSAC

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