Item #CH3151 Programmed Learning and Computer-Based Instruction. John E. Coulson.

Programmed Learning and Computer-Based Instruction.

John Wiley & Sons NY 1962, 291 pages, Index, references, photographs and diagrams, illustrations etc; Proceedings of the Conference of Digital Computers to Automated Instruction, October 10-12, 1961.

Condition: Very Good mustard-yellow cloth hardcover in Good brown and white dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector; jacket with thumbsized chips and paper loss at upper and lower ends near spine, some creases and rubbing. Ex-corporate library rubberstamps on textblock fore-edges. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean.

Keywords: programmed learning, computer-based instruction, computers in education, teaching machines, computer-aided teaching, automated teaching, students and computers, teachers and computers, schools and computers, computers in schools

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Item Description

Proceedings of the Conference of Digital Computers to Automated Instruction, October 10-12, 1961; co-sponsored by Personnel and Training Branch and Information Systems Branch of the Office of Naval Research, and System Development Corporation.

Includes photographs of vintage computing equipment. Contents -- Theory and Experimentation in Programmed Learning -- the Challenge of Automation in Education (Carter); Characteristics of some recent studies of Instructional Methods (Silberman);

Optimal Allocation of Items in a single, two-concept Automated Teaching Model (dera and Atkinson); New Directions in Teaching-machine Research (Holland); Intrinsic and Extrinsic Programming (Norman A Crowder); Some Research Problems in Automated Instruction -- instructional programming and subject-matter structure (Robert Glaser);

Experimental Results regarding form of response, size of step and individual differences in Automated Programs (Briggs, Goldbeck, Campbell and Nichols); Teaching Science and Mathematics by Autoinstruction in the Primary Grades -- an experimental strategy in curriculum development (Keislar and McNeil); Research in Programmed Learning (Roe); Behavior Theory and the Automation of Instruction (Cook);

Adaptive Teaching Machines (John Senders); Some Theoretical and Practical problems in programmed instruction (Lumsdaine); Computer-Based Instructional Systems -- Potential uses of Computers as teaching Machines (Joseph W Rigney);

On Conversational Interaction (william Utal); A Computer-based Laboratory for Research and Development in Education (Coulson); Plato II - a multiple-student, computer-controlled, automatic teaching device (Bitzer, Braunfeld, Lichtenberger); Preliminary Experiments in Computer-aided Teaching (J C R Licklider); Computer Techniques in Instruction (Chapman and Carpenter);

Computer Technology in Automated Teaching -- Automatic Computers and Teaching Machines (Harry D Huskey); Systems Considerations in Real-time computer usage (Teager); Interactions between Future Computer Developments and automated teaching methods (Estrin); Index. Includes brief Index citations for IBM 650; ILLIAC; PDP-1; Philco 2000; Bendix G-15; also Teacher as teaching machine.