Item #CH3159 Computers in Education, 1962. J. A. P. Hall, Proceedings of a. conference on The Computing Laboratory in the Technical College.

Computers in Education, 1962.

MacMillan Co, London & NY, Pergamon Press, 1962, first edition; 122 pages, Index, references,

Condition: Very Good overall, green cloth hardcover, exlibrary university numerals on lower spine, some rubberstamps on endpages, pocket removed from rear. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean.

Keywords: computing center, computing centre, computing laboratory, teaching programming, technical colleges

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Contents -- Applied Mathematics and Computing Machines (Graham Sutton); The New Significance of Computation in Technological Education (Crank); Industrial Requirements for Computer Staff (Barnes); Computation in Diploma in Technology and Degree Courses (Stalker); Computation in National Certificate and Diploma Courses (Collins); Numerical Analysis and Statistics Courses (Hollingdale); Statistics Courses (Huitson);

Computer Courses for Colleges (Barritt); Some Thoughts on Teaching Programming (Goodman); Short Courses (Toose); The Organization of a Computing Centre (Vickers); The Technical College Computing Laboratory and the Schools (Wooldridge); Selection and Use of an Electronic Digital Computer (Johnson); A General Purpose Digital Computer (Summersbee); The Analogue Computer (Jackson);

An Example of a Computing Laboratory (Ritchie); A Mathematical Machines Laboratory and its Equipment (Barker); Selecting a Desk Calculator for Teaching Purposes (Ferguson); Bibliographies for Numerical Analysts (Jones); Financing a Technical College Computing Laboratory (Retkin); Conclusions, Appendices, Index. Proceedings of a conference on The Computing Laboratory in the Technical College, held at Hatfield College of Technology in May, 1960.