Item #CN3163 Program Design and Data Structures in Pascal. Charles W. Reynolds.

Program Design and Data Structures in Pascal.

Wadsworth Publishing CA, 1986, 532 pages, diagrams, programs, Exercises, Glossary, Index.

Condition: Very Good large softcover, light shelfwear, prev. owner's name inside cover, binding solid & pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Pascal, programming, data structures, top down design

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Item Description

The Use of Abstraction in Program Design -- Abstraction by Procedures, Top-Down Structured Programming, Decomposition of a Complex Abstract Data Object, Abstract Data Types, Implementing Abstract Data Types; The Input Abstract Data Type-- Pascal Input Processing, The Interface to the INPUT Abstract Data Type, The Implementation of the INPUT Abstract Data Type, Reading Nonstandard Data Type, Project- Annual Summary;

Static Sequential Stacks & Queues -- The STACK Abstract Data Type, Project-List Formatte, The QUEUE Abstract Data Type, Project-Print Queues; Static Sequential Tables -- Records in Tables, The TABLE Abstract Data Type, Static Sequential Implementation of Tables, Common Examples & Optimization of the Table- Projects- Boat Yard,Outstanding Bank Checks;

Sequential Character Strings -- Character String Abstract Data Type, Project- Text Formatter, Variable-Length Sequential Implementation, Top-Level Character String Interface, Project-Character String Sort;

Recursion -- Recursive Functions of the Non negative Integers, Recursion in Pascal, Quicksort, Project-Quicksort for Character Strings; Linear Linking-Stacks, Queues, & Deques-- Linked Allocations in Arrays, Dynamic Variables & Pointer Variables in Pascal, Linked Stacks, Linked Queues, Linked Deques, Projects-Elevator Simulation, Elevator Statistics, Manpower Allocation; Linear Linked Lists -- A First Implementation of Linear Linked Lists, Circularly Linked Lists with a Header Node, Projects-File Inversion, Disk Simulation, The Table as an Array of Lists;

Hashing Algorithms