SNA -- IBM'S Networking Solution. James Martin.

SNA -- IBM'S Networking Solution.

Prentice-Hall NJ, 1987 first edition; 380 pages, diagrams & illustrations, Index.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better, dark blue hardcover, in Very Good+ black illus. dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Name on top textblock fore-edge. Solid binding, clean & unmarked pages.

Keywords: SNA, IBM Networking, SNA Functional Layers, Telecommunications Access Methods, Advanced Program-to-Program Communication, Office Information Architectures, Document Content Architecture, Path Control Network SNA, IBM Networking, SNA Functional Layer

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CONCEPTS -- Network Architectures - The Nature of Architecture, Developers of Architectures; SNA Concepts- Network Users, Logical Units; SNA Functional Layers- Data Link Control, Path Control; Routing & Data Flow- Explicit Route & Route Extensions, Multiple Explicit Routes; SNA Services - Session Management Services, Metwork Management; SNA & the OSI Model - OSI Layers, Service Data Units; SNA Program Products - Telecommunications Access Methods, Network Control Programs;

ADVANCED FACILITIES -- Advanced Program-to-Program Communication - LU-to-LU Sessions, LU 7 Network-User Relationship, Logical Unit Types, Advanced Program-to-Program Communication; Logical Unit 6.2 Implementation- LU6.2 Functional Capability, Conversation Types, Base-level Facilities; Mapped Conversation Option Set; Office Automation Architectures - Office Information Architectures, Document Content Architecture, Document Interchange Architecture, DIA Services;

SNA Distribution Services - Distribution Service Unit, DSU Interfaces, Interchange Units, SNADS Names & Addresses; SNA Network Interconnectio n- SNA Gateway, Network Name & Address Translation, Virtual Routes;

PATH CONTROL NETWORK -- Data Link Control- Path Control Network, Data Link Protocols, SDLC Link Components ; SDLC Frames- SDLC Transmission Frames, Transparent Operation, Sychronization; SDLC Data Flow- Acknowledgments, Send & Receive Counts, Data Flow for Individual Acknowledgements, Nr & Ns Count Field Values; SDLC Polling & Loop Operation- Roll-Call Polling , Loop Operation; Path Control- Basic Transmission Unit Format; Path Control Services - Virtual Route Sequencing;

NAUs- TRANSMISSION & DATA FLOW CONTROL -- Transmission Control- BIU Format; Data Flow Control-Chains; NAUs - FUNCTION MANAGEMENT -- End-User Services; Function Management Header; Session Services; Session Termination & Outage Notification; Configuration Services; Switched Links & Network Deactivation; Maintenance & Management Services; EPILOG - The Future of SNA; more.