Item #CN3181 Automation in Practice, 1957. S. E Rusinoff.

Automation in Practice, 1957.

American Technical Soc. Chicago IL, 1957 first edition; 261 pages, diagrams, photographs, Index.

Condition: Very Good overall, brown and yellow decorated hardcover; no dustjacket; rubberstamp of Diebol Group on endpages, numerals on spine, gluestains on rear pastedown; light shelfwear. Binding sound, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: computers in industry, data processing systems, automatic control, automation, servomechanisms, control devices

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Item Description

What is Automation -- Automation & Industrial Progress, Concept of Automatic Control, Automatic Control of Production, Some Basic Examples of Automatic Production, Problems of Automation;

Automatic Controls -- Product & Process Control, Types of Control Devices, Electronic Computers, Coordinated Data Processing Systems, Use of Tape & Punched Card Controls, An Automatic Production System;

Pneumatic Control Devices -- Air Power Cylinders, Forces in Air Cylinder Operations, Pneumtic Control Valves, Some Examples of Pneumatic Controls. Pneumatic Standards For Industrial Equipment;

Hydraulic Control Devices -- Hydraulic Pumps, Hudraulic Pressure Cylinders, Hydraulic Control Valves, Hydraulic Pressure Boosters, Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems, Hydraulically Controlled Operations, Cam-Actuated Hydraulic Circuits, Advantages of Hydraulic Controls, Hydraulic Standards For Industrial Equipment;

Electric & Electronic Control Devices -- Servomechanisms, Automatic Time Controls, Control of Work - Handling & Processing, Electrical Maintenance Detection System, Electronic Machine Control for Multiple Tools, Electronic Duplicators; Automation in Materials Handling & Assembling -- Materials Handling Systems, Conveyor Systems, Automatic Feeding, Automation of Assembling Operations; Automation in Production of Metals -- Openhearth Furnaces, Continuous Casting of Steel, Vacuum Steel, Continuous Rolling Mill, Automatic Quality Control of Steel, Conveyors for Steel Coils, Non-Ferrous Metals; Automation in Metal Casting Processes -- Mechanized Materials Handling, An Automatic Molding System, Permanent Mold Casting, Automatic Shell Molding, Blast Cleaning of Casting; Automation in Mechanical Working of Metals; Automation in Pressworking of Metals; Automation of Metal Cutting Operations, Automation in Heat-Treating of Metals, Automation in Metal Joining Operations, Automation in Inspection & Quality Control; More. PHOTOGRAPHS & diagrams throughout showing automation & industrial settings etc.