Item #H8127 IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers September 1956, Volume EC-5 number 3. IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers.

IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers September 1956, Volume EC-5 number 3.

Professional Group on Electronic Computers, Instit Radio Engineers, 1956; pp 111-182 inclusive; Refs.

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Includes -- The Representation of Constraints by Means of an Electronic Differential Analyzer (Donald T Greenwood); High-Speed Shift Registers Using One Core Per Bit (Newhouse & Prywes); High-Speed Flip-Flops for the Millimicrosecond Region (Bay & Grisamore); A Topological Method for the Determination of the Minimal Forms of a Boolean Function (Urbano & Mueller); Logic Circuits for a Transister Digital Computer (G W Booth and T P Bothwell); Correspondence -- Unit-Distance Binary-Decimal Codes for Two-Track Commutation (Howard E Tompkins); An Improved Method for Williams Storage (Martin Graham);

A Note on High-Speed Digital Multiplication (Estrin, Gilchrist & Pomerene); Fourier Analysis by Machine Methods (Clark); Reviews -- Symposium on the Impact of Computers on Science and Society; Some Automatic Digital Computers in Western Europe (Nelson M Blackman); Correction; Contributors; PGEC News; Reviews of current literature by Harry D Huskey.

Double-column text, some black & white photographs Blachman's article on Computers in Western Europe (pp 158-166) includes observations at British Radar Research Establishment in Great Malvern (the MOSAIC - Ministry of Supply Arithmetical Integrator and Calculator); the TRE COMPUTER; The Swedish Board for Computing Machinery (BARK and BESK -- Binar Automatisk RelaKalkylator and Binar Electronisk Sekvens-Kalkylator); Danish Institute of Computing Machinery (a copy of BESK to be built there); Norwegian Computing Center; Institute of Technology in Munich (PERM - Programmgesteuerte Eletrononerechenmaschine); Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ERMETH); Laboratory of IBM France; Campagnie Des Machines Bull, a manufacturer of punched-card business machines, use of ERA 1103 (UNIVAC Scientific), Gamma 3 etc IRSIA-FNRS COmputers, Antwerp; and office machine exhibitions. The reviews of the then-current literature includes paragraph summaries of articles from Electronics, IRE, books & journals.