Machine Learning -- An Artificial Intelligence Approach. Ryszard S. Michalski, Jaime G. Carbonell, Tom M. Mitchell.

Machine Learning -- An Artificial Intelligence Approach.

Tioga Publishing Co. CA, 1983, 572 pp, Illustrations, Tables, Bibliography, Glossary, Index.

Condition: Very Good, dark blue decorated hardcover; slight shelfwear at spine ends and corners. Binding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Machine Learning, An Artificial Intelligence Approach, heuristics, intelligent computer-aided instruction, machine learning, Herbert A. Simon, artificial intelligence in the 1980s, history of machine learning, history of artificial intelligence

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GENERAL ISSUES IN MACHINE LEARNING -- An Overview of Machine Learning - Jaime G. Carbonell, Ryszard S. Michalski, Tom M. Mitchell; Why Should Machines Learn - Herbert A. Simon;

LEARNING FROM EXAMPLES - A Comparative Review of Selected Methods for Learning from Examples - Thomas G. Dietterich & Ryszard S. Michalski; A Theory and Methodology of Inductive Learning - Michalski;

LEARNING IN PROBLEM-SOLVING & PLANNING - Learning by Analogy, Formulating and Generalizing from Past Experience - Jaime G. Carbonell; Learning by Experimentation - Acquiring & Refining Problem-Solving Heuristics - Tom M. Michell, Paul E. Utgoff, Ranan Banerji; Acquisition of Proof Skills in Geometry - John R. Anderson; Using Proofs & Refutations to Learn from Experience - Frederick Hayes-Roth;

LEARNING FROM OBSERVATION & DISCOVERY - The Role of Heuristics in Learning by Discovery - Three Case Studies - Douglas B. Lenat; Rediscovering Chemistry With the BACON System - Pat Langley, Gary L. Bradshaw, Herbert A. Simon; Learning From Observation - Conceptual Clustering - Michalski, Robert E. Stepp;

LEARNING FROM INSTRUCTION - Machine Transformation of Advice into a Heuristic Search Procedure - David Jack Mostow; Learning by Being Told - Acquiring Knowledge for Information Management - Norm Haas, Gary G. Hendrix; The Instructible Production System - A Retrospective Analysis- Michael D. Rychener;

APPLIED LEARNING SYSTEMS - Learning Efficient Classification Procedures and their Application to Chess End Games - J. Ross Quinlan; Inferring Student Models for Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction - Derek H. Sleeman; Comprehensive Bibliiography of Machine Learning - Paul E. Utgoff, Gernard Nudel
Glossary of terms in machine learning; author and subject index.