Electronic Digital Computers -- their use in science and engineering. Franz Alt, Applied Mathematics, Mechanics 4, volume 4.

Electronic Digital Computers -- their use in science and engineering.

Academic Press NY & London, 1958, second printing 1960; 336 pages, Index, bibliography, diagrams.

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Keywords: electronic digital computers, programming computers in the 1960s, science engineering business applications computers 1960s

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Introduction - Objectives; Machines; Programming & Coding; Problem analysis, computing time, ease of programming & coding; Automatic Digital Computers -- historical survey -- early developments, magnetic drum computers, acoustic memory computers, electrostatic memory, magentic core computers; Functions & components; Number Representation; Memory; Arithmetic; Control; Input & Output - automatic terminal media; nonautomatic; auxiliary operations & equipment; Coding and Programming -- coding in a four-address system; single-address system; flow charts, subroutines etc; Machine Aids - to maintenance; to operation; to coding;

Problem Analysis -- Errors; Overflow & scaling; Checking; evaluation of explicit functions; differentiation & integration; Ordinary differential equations; Partial differential equations; Algebraic equations; Nonlinear equations; Characteristic roots of matrices; Matching Problems and Machines -- Problems from Science and Engineering --- mechanics of rigid bodies, of continua Electromagnetism and optics; thermodynamics and physical chemistry; atomic and molecular physics; Problems from other areas - business-type applications; control and simulation; pseudo-logical problems;

Characteristics of Machine Computation Laboratories - machine characteristics; personnel; plant and administration; outlook; Literature; Subject Index.

A look at computer characteristics and needs, in the short time since the electronic digital computer became widely available (1960).