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IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers June 1964, Volume EC-13 number 3. IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers IRE.

IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers June 1964, Volume EC-13 number 3.

IEEE Computer Group 1964; pp 183-342 inclusive; Refs at ends of papers; diagrams; double-column text.
Condition: Very Good overall, green & white glossy stapled wraps, some shelfwear, lower front chipped near spine; binding & staples tight, pages clean & unmarked.
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Includes -- Logic and Switching Theory -- Secondary State Assignment for Sequential Machines (Kohavi); On the Convergence and Ultimate Reliability of Iterated Neural Nets (Urbano); Analysis of Linear Sequential Circuits by Confluence Sets (Arthur Gill); A Method for Testing and Realization of Threshold Functions (Sheng);

Computer Systems and Circuits -- DONUT - A Threshold Gate Computer (Coates & Lewis); The CSX-1 Computer (Brown, Jenks, Stifle, Trogdon); Storage -- A Quantizing Encoder (Cox & Glaesner); High-Density Binary REcording Using Nonsaturation Technques (Hopner); Cylindrical Film Memory Device characteristics (Townsend & Fox);

Tunnel Diode Delay-Line Memory (Harris & Pricer); Flux Division in a Saturable Multipath Core (Nitzan); Exploitation of Initial Conditions to achieve flux gain and nondestructive readout in balanced magnetic circuits (Newhall & Perucca); Analog Computers -- DC Accuracy in a fast boxcar circuit via a comparator (Harris & Simmons); Transistorized Multiplier & Divider and its Applications (Kundu & Banerji);

Correspondence -- logic networks, integer program, self-organizing drum, signal deterioration in digital computers, protecting core memory circuits with error correcting cyclic codes, negative-bit-weight codes, adaptive pattern recognition and signal detection using stochastic approximations, comparison of computational speeds of digital differential analyzers and general purpose computes, z transforms, flight simulators, MORE The reviews of the then-current literature includes paragraph summaries of articles from Electronics, IRE, books & journals; also, message from new chariman of IEEE Computer Group etc.