Item #K6286 Conference edition of the papers, in Three Parts (complete) 3 volumes. Bob Scheepmaker, IFIP World Conference on Computer Education 1970 amsterdam.

Conference edition of the papers, in Three Parts (complete) 3 volumes.

IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, The Netherlands 1970; 3 volumes.

Condition: Good overall, 8x12 softcover, white paper; double column text, References for each paper; heavy spine wear, edgewear & chipping; vol. 2 being a thick volume split along the spine, spine retaped - complete. Vol 3 best. Reading copies only.

Keywords: computers in education, computer assisted learning, simulation programs teaching

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Part One -- Invited Papers; Part Two -- Education About Computers; Part Three -- Use of Computers in Education

Contents includes -- Computer education in the 1970's (Langefors); Computer Technology in Education, how to make it viable (CHarp); Some Aspects of Computer Technology (Gordon Pask); Computer Science and Mathematics (Preston Hammer); Informatics and computer education (Jean Arsac); Teaching Thinking (Seymour Papert); Mathematical Learning Models as Tools for Computer Assisted instruction (van der Veer); Computers & the Humanities;

Computer education - its impact on men and society (Fred Margulies); Expansion of BCS Computer Education Group (Jackson); The Glasgow Schools project (Miller & Tomasso); A Computer for Schools (Tinsley); Sections on Computer Education in Secondary Schools, Teacher Training; National Schemes for Computer Education and Governmental Responsibilities (Japan, Italy, Austria, USA, Canada, Britain, Scotland etc); The Place of Computer and Information Sciences in Higher Education;

Education (DP) Management - The NETT (Non-Electronic Teaching Toy) Computer - a basis for spreading 'Computeracy' (C J Tully); National and International Efforts to Develop Computer Education - Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Israel, Paraguay etc - A Training Programme in Electronic Computation in a Developing Country (Pardo); The Planning and Execution of Programs for Computer Specialists in Universities - time-sharing, etc;

A Decade of Computing at Woolwich Polytechnic and plans for the Seventies; Professional Training (Programmers and Systems Analysts, EDP etc) Strategies for Development & Presentation of Computer based Leanring Exercises; computer assisted instruction etc; Practice of Computer Based Learning; Languages for Education; Simulation - in the classroom; teaching sociological work; Genetic Experiments on a Computer (Honcariv and Vinar); much more.