Switching and Finite Automata Theory, computer science series, second edition.

McGraw Hill NY 1970, second edition 1978; 658 pages, diagrams, References, bibliography, Index.

Condition: Very Good mustard-yellow hardcover with two black dots and decoratiion on cover suggesting computer elements. Binding is secure and sound, pages clean, unmarked.

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Each Section with detailed bibliographical references for historical study; Notes and References; problems at ends of sections; Includes Major Sections with chapters in each -- Number systems and codes; Sets, relations and Lattices; Combinatorial Logic -- Switching Algebra and its Applications; Minimization of Swtiching Functions; Logical Design; Functional Decomposition and Symmetric Functions; Threshold Logic; Reliable Design and Fault Diagnosis; Finite-State Machines -- introduction to Synchronous Sequential Circuits and Iterative networks; Capabilities, minimization, and transformation of Sequential Machines; Asynchronous sequential circuits; Structure of Sequential Machines; State-Identification and fault-detection experiments; Memory, Definiteness and Information Losslessness of Finite Automata; Linear Sequential Machines; Finite-State Recognizers.