High-Performance CAD Graphics in C. Lee Adams.
High-Performance CAD Graphics in C
High-Performance CAD Graphics in C

High-Performance CAD Graphics in C.

Windcrest, div. of TAB Books PA 1989, stated first edition, first printing; 523 pages, Index, illust.

Condition: Very Good overall, black hardcover with titles in yellow on cover & spine; large thick book, binding square and sound, pages clean and unmarked, a bit musty smelling from storage and scuffs and rubs to covers.

Price: $8.00

Item Description

SECTIONS with multiple chapters in each include - Concepts. 3D graphics make a difference, getting started in 3D graphics etc; Hardware - graphics adapter, modes, display memory map, program portability etc; Software -- C advantagein versatility, power, speed; compilers; integrated C programming environments, Turbo C, more; Program Control; Graphics Control; using Quick C; Using Turbo C;

MODELLING - Concepts of 3D Images - world coordinates, generating 3D Models, compoens, B-rep modeling, instancing, sub objects, CSG modeling, display options etc; Manipulation of 3D Models, algorithms, rotation formulas, translation formulas, projection formulas, scaling etc; The Cube - transparent wire-frame cube, global variables and local variables, hidden surface removal, much more; Spheres and Cylinders; Curves in 3D Space; Surface Mapping; Display of Multiple Models, radial sort, plane equation, depth sort, ray tracing method, much more;

RENDERING - Illumination and Shading; Shading Patterns for PCs, line dithering etc; Computer-Controlled shading; Reflections and Shadows, mirror reflections, shadows, demonstration program mirror reflection; ANIMATING - Concepts of Animation, fram, real-time, BITBLT more; Fram Animation; Real-Time Animation; APPLICATIONS Case Study, Packaging Design; Case Study, Flight Simulation Prototype; Case Study, container Design; Appendices - mathematics for C Graphics; disk Routines for C Graphics; dictionary of variables; using the IBM RT for Computer Graphics; glossary; index.