Robot Motion -- Planning and Control.

MIT Press, Cambridge MA 1982, fifih printing 1986; 585 pages, references, illustrations.

Condition: Very Good black cloth hardcover in Very Good gold-yellow and black dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Prev. owner's rubberstamp name and address on bottom textblock fore-edge, also his blindstamp on titlepage. Some jacket edgewear and crimping along top front. Binding is secure, square and tight; pages are clean, unmarked.

Keywords: task planning, robot motion, compliance and control, industrial robots and manipulators, feedback control, robotics in the 1980s, 1980s robots, artificial intelligence in the 1980s, mechanical manipulators, robotic mechanisms, spatial planning, early

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Nineteen papers of fundamental importance to the development of a science of robotics. Papers are grouped into 5 chapters -- Dynamics; Trajectory Planning; Compliance and Force Control; Feedback Control; and Spatial Planning. Each chapter is introduced by a substantial analytical survey that lays out the problems in that area of robotics and the approaches and solutions that have been tried, with an evaluation of their strengths and shortcomings. (from the jacket flap)

Contents -- DYNAMICS -- A recursive lagrangian formulation of manipulator dynamics and a comparative study of dynamics formulation complexity (Hollerbach); On-line computation scheme for mechanical manipulators (Luh, Walker, Paul); Efficient dynamic computer simulation of robotic mechanisms (Walker and Orin);

FEEDBACK CONTROL -- Feedback control (Johnson); Fast nonlinear control with arbitrary pole-placement for industrial robots and manipulators (Freund); Linear state-feedback control of manipulators (Golla, Garg and Hughes); Resolved acceleration control of mechanical manipulators (Luh, Walker and Paul); Controller design for a manipulator using theory of variable structure systems (Young);

TRAJECTORY PLANNING -- Trajectory planning (Brady); Manipulator Cartesian path control (Paul); Planning and execution of straight-line manipulator trajectories (Taylor); The mathematics of coordinated control of prosthetic arms and manipulators (Whitney);

COMPLIANCE -- Compliance (Mason); Stable prehension by a robot hand with elastic fingers (Hanafusa and Asada); A robot hand with elastic fingers and its application to assembly process (Hanfusa and Asada); Mechanical impedance control in assistive devices and manipulators (Neville Hogan); Compliance and force control for computer controlled manipulators (Mason); Compliance and control (Paul and Shimano); Hybrid position/force control of manipulators (Raibert and Craig); Quasi-static assembly of compliantly supported parts (Whitney);

TASK PLANNING -- Task planning (Lozano-Perez); Automatic planning of manipulator transfer movements (Lozano-Perez); An interpreter for a language for describing assemblies (Popplestone, Ambler and Bellas)