Item #M10862 The Music Machine -- Selected Readings from Computer Music Journal. Curtis Roads.

The Music Machine -- Selected Readings from Computer Music Journal.

MIT Press, Cambridge MA 1989; 725 pages, Index, double-column text, illustrations and photographs, References.

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Keywords: vintage computer music, computer music journal, music machine, computer music in the 1980s, electronic music in the 1980s

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Primary source articles on the art, the science and the technology of computer music; fifty-three articles including several major articles that had been out of print, published in the Computer Music Journal between 1980 and 1985

Contents -- INTERVIEWS -- interview with Max Mathews; a conversation with James A Moorer; A conversation with Clarence Barlow; interview with Paul Lansky; Interview with David Rosenboom; interview with ROger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa, and Charles Worinen

COMPOSITION -- Computer Music Experiments 1964 - ... (Jean Claude Risset); Composing with Computers -- a Progress Report (Lejaren Hiller); Mortuos Pango, Vivos Voco -- a realization at IRCAM (Jonathan Harvey); Loudspeakers and Performers -- some problems and proposals (Dexter Morrill); Dreamsong, the composition (Michael McNabb); Composition theory in Koenig's Project One and Project Two (Otto Laske); Automated Compostion and Composed Automation (Giuseppe Englert); Timbral Construction in Arras as a Stochastic Process (Barry Truax); Interactive Composing -- an overview (Joel Chadabe); The Making of Octuor (Horacio Vaggione); Stylistic Automata in Gradient (Charles Ames); Comments on University Instruction in Computer Music Composition (Jacque Arveiller)

THE MIDI Interface -- Musicians make a Standard -- The MIDI phenomenon (Loy); Music and Microprocessors -- MIDI and the state of the art (Yavelow);

MUSIC SOFTWARE -- A note on music printing by computer (roads); Personal Composer (Miller); scope in Interactive score editors (Buxton et al); Objed and the design of timbral resources (Buxton et al); Gcomp - graphic control of mixing and processing (Banger et al); Pla, a composer's idea of a language (Schottstaedt); Flavors band - a language for specifying musical style (Fry); The 4CED Program (Abbott); Notes on the implementation of MUSBOX, a compiler for the systems concepts digital synthesizer (Loy); A Panoply of Stochastic 'cannons' (lorrain); Compositional Applications of stochastic processes (Jones); Aesthetic integration of computer-composed scores (Koenig); FORMES, composition and scheduling of processes (ROdet et al);

SYNTHESIS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING -- A Tutorial on digital sound synthesis techiques (de Poli); the CHANT Project - from the synthesis of the singing voice to synthesis in general (Rodet et al); Synthesis of plucked-string and drum timbres (Karplus et al); Extensions of the Karplus-Strong Plucked-String Algorithm (Jaffe & Smith); Responsive Input devices and sound synthesis by simulation of Instrumental Mechanisms - the Cordis System (Cadoz et al); Fundamentals of Digital Filter Theory (Smith); Timbre and the Perceptual Effects of three types of data reduction (Charbonneau); Synthesis of Timbral families by warped linear prediction (Lansky and Steiglitz); Toward an intelligent editor of digital audio -- recognition of musical constructs (Chafe et al); signal processing methods (Foster et al); A general model for spatial processing of sounds (Moore); Designing Multi-channel reverberators (Stautner and Puckette);

SIGNAL PROCESSING HARDWARE -- Synthesizers I have known and loved (James A Moorer); The Lucasfilm Audio signal processor (moorer); Developing a commercial digital sound synthesizer (Kaplan); Notes on Very Large Scale integration and the design of real-time digital sound processors (Kahrs);

MUSIC AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -- music, mind, and meaning (Marvin Minsky); Simulating Musical Skills by Digital computer (Rothgeb); On some computational models of music theory (Rahn); Approximation and syntactic analysis of amplitude and frequency functions for digital sound synthesis (Strawn); Musical Performance - a synthesis-by-rule approach (Sundberg et al).