Numerical Recipes -- the Art of Scientific Computing; FORTRAN, Pascal etc.

Cambridge University Press, London, NY, 1986; 818 pages, index.

Condition: Very Good dark blue hardcover. Light shelfwear to boards, some corner wear. Binding is solid and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: numerical recipes, scientific computing, computer routines, Fortran, Pascal programming language, subroutine library for scientific computation, personal computers subroutines, programming personal computers, programming in the 1980s, 1980s computer

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Item Description

Contents includes Preliminaries - program organization and control structures; error, accuracy and stability;

Solution of Linear Algebraic Equations; Interpolation and Extrapolation; Integration of Functions; Evaluation of Functions;
Special Functions; Random Numbers; Sorting; Root Finding and Nonlinear Sets of Equations;
Minimization or Maximization of Functions; Eigenstystems; Fourier Transform Spectral Methods;
Statistical Description of Data; Modeling of Data; Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations; Two Point Boundary Value Problems;
Partial Differential Equations; References -- Numerical Recipes in Pascal; Table of Progam Dependencies; Index 'A Complete text and reference book on the art of scientific computing. In a self-contained manner, it proceeds all the way from mathematical and theoretical considerations thorugh to actual, practical computer routines. There are approximately 200 computer routines printed in the book, each in both the FORTRAN and Pascal programming languages. These by themselves constitute a complete subroutine library for scientific computation. With its highly readable text, Numerical Recipes is fvery nearly a complete education on its subject. The subroutines and procedures in this book can be used on personal computers such as the IBM PC, XT and AT, bringing to these machines a capability for scientific computing previously available only in large mainframe environments...' (from the jacket flap).