Introduction to VAX/VMS -- DEC Digital Equipment Corporation. Terry C. Shannon.

Introduction to VAX/VMS -- DEC Digital Equipment Corporation.

Professional Press, Springhouse PA 1985; ISBN 096147291x; approximately 280 pages, some illustrations; each section individually paginated.

Condition: Very Good overall, white comb-bound softcover, white and blue cardstock covers, some slight edgewear, lower corners of pages with some small creases. Rubberstamps on titlepage of technical library but no other library markings. BInding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: VAX/VMS, DEC operating system, VAX utilities, minicomputers, VMS operating system, VAX hardware, DEC VAX/VMS, DEC VAX, DEC minicomputers, vintage operating systems, vintage VMS, vintage VAX

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Item Description

This handbook provides an introduction to Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX series of superminicomputers and the VMS operating system used on VAX hardware. Intended to supplement, not duplicate, documentation from DEC, the manual brings together in a single volume, information contained in numerous Digital reference manuals...' (from the Preface)

Contents includes -- introduction - system hardware, VAX features, multiprocessing versus timesharing, software; programming languages high level and low level; other useful VAX/VMS software DSR, utilities etc;

Getting Started - establishing communications with the VAX, local and remote log in etc; logging out, logging out displays; using a terminal; VT100 terminal; VT200 terminal, set up etc; special keys and their function; contorl key commands and functions; type-ahead buffer; digital command language; DCL command structure; more

File Structure and Manipulation -- using defaults, file specifications etc; wildcarding; file manipulation, appending, copying, deleting, displaying, printing etc; working with directories and subdirectories; using symbols; logical names; more

The User Environment -- your account; disk quota; user identification code; modifying the user environment, displaying terminal characteristics, modifying terminal characteristics, displaying hardware characteristics etc; Account Security, protection codes etc; password protection, more

Command Procedures, error messages etc; Batch processing; The EDT Text Editor Intro. to Text Processing - DSR commands etc VAX Utilities and other useful Facilities - backup utility, disk to tape, restoring your files, error messages, recovery; VMS help; mail utility, creating distribution lists etc; phone utility, Sort etc Appendices include Program development; VAX/VMS security features (beware the password grabber...);

Useful Tables, frequently used DCL commands etc; For more information - DECUS, IDUS, DEC VAX/VMS Documentation, reference shelf volumes, task-oriented guides, more. Plus, a Glossary and an Index .