Item #M419 Information Retrieval and Machine Translation. Advances in Documentation and Library Science, volume III, part I. Allen Kent, Jess He Shera, general.

Information Retrieval and Machine Translation. Advances in Documentation and Library Science, volume III, part I.

Interscience Publishers, NY 1960 first edition; 686 pages, some illustrations and photographs; index.

Condition: Very Good overall, light blue hardcover in light blue and dark blue dustjacket and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Smudges and darkening to extremities with some rubbing and chipping to jacket. Spine panel of jacket stained, with some old dampstains along hinge and outer corner of bottom textblock fore-edge. Not affecting internal pages or the integrity of binding. Binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: machine literature searching, indexing, KWIC, electronic stored-program computer, literature searching, library science, automatic encoding, machine searching, semantic code, searching strategy, information retrieval, 1950s computers, 1960s computers

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Item Description

Contents includes -- introduction - Knowledge is Power (H. H. Humphrey) Machine Literature Searching and Translation, an analytical review (Kent) The Possibilitiles of Document Grouping for Reducing Retrieval Storage Size and Search Time (O'Connor) Classifying, Indexing, Coding (Ranganathan) Faceted Classification as an Approach to Machine Coding (Parthasarathy) Functional Operators in Engineering Language (Tanabe) Interrelationships as a Basis for Information Retrieval (Andrews) A Notation System for Translating Technical and Scientific Texts for Use in Data Processing Systems (Newman, Swanson and Knowlton) Interfixing of Descriptors for Row-by-Row Coded Punched Card Machine Literature Searching Systems (Dekker) An Experimental Information Language for Mechanized Searching of Scientific-Technical Literature (Cherenin, Lavrent'eva, and Zhidkova) The Analysis of Information Systems (Hayes) Some Computer Technique in the Behavioral Sciences (Clark) Formal Representation of Intentionally Structured Systems (Rome and Rome) Symbolic Logic Decision Devices in Documentation (Semarne) Concerning Two Principles for Construction of a Common Machine Language for Medicine (Nacke) The Mechanical Preparation of the Chemical Abstracts Index for Searching by Western Research University Searching Selector (Dennis) Machine Literature Searching at the Center for Documentation and Communication Research (Kent) Note sommaire sur l'organisation documentaire (Cordonnier) The Magnacard System (Hayes) The Minicard Film Record as a Common-Language Medium (Myters and Loomis) The Transistorized Information Searching Selector (Gull and Dodge) Discussions; Author and Subject Index.