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Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar. Steve Ciarcia, BYTE.

Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar.

BYTE Books, NH 1979; 127 pages, double-column text, diagrams, photographs throughout.
Condition: Very Good, 8.5x11 softcover, large-format; photograph on front cover of the Circuit Cellar with all the vintage equipment. ex-technical library rubberstamp on titlepage, remains of label inside cover. The binding is tight and pages are clean and unmarked.
Price: $15.00
Item no. M423
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'A walk through this book brings you into Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar for a detailed look at the marvelous projects which let you do useful things with your microcomputer. A collection of more than a year's worth of the popular series in BYTE magazine, includes articles that are a complete tutorial giving instructions to construct each project .... ' (from the rear cover)

Includes articles on Memory Mapped IO; Penny Pinching Address state Analyzer to provide dynamic display of the microprocessor address bus during program execution; Program your EROM n BASIC; A tutorial on digital to analog conversion with a design provided for a 4 channel self-refreshing 8 bit digital to analog converter interface, with application examples;

Two part article which discusses the various methods for carrier current remote control and which provides a functional design for a 10-channel AC wireless remote control system;

Discussion of the requirements for recording digitized speech and implemented by constructing a 200,000 sample per second analog to digital converter

Build a Keyboard function decoder

A design for a 16 by 16 resolution noncontact touch input system which can be attached over a video screen

Design for an asynchronous communications interface to allow remote terminal location; and MORE.