Item #M430 Introduction to The Theory of Games. J. C. C McKinsey, the RAND Series, The RAND Corporation.

Introduction to The Theory of Games.

McGraw Hill Book Co, NY 1952; 371 pages, Index, Bibliography.

Condition: Good+ to very good overall, gray-twead cloth hardcover, no dustjacket; titles in blue and red on cover and spine. Corners a bit bumped, slight shelfwear at spine ends, prev. owner's name on front endpage. Binding is sound, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: game theory, rand series, zero-sum ames, n-person games, von Neumann - Morgenstern Theory, theory of games

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Item Description

Contents includes -- Rectangular Games - terminology and classification of games; rectangular games with saddle points, etc;

The Fundamental Theorem for Rectangular Games - mixed strategies; geometrical background; properties of optimal strategies; relations of dominance etc; The Solution of a Rectangular Game - the set of solutions etc A Method of Approximating the Value of A Game

Games in Extensive Form -- normal form and extensive form; graphical representation; information sets; chance moves; games with more than two players; more

Games in Extensive Form - general theory -- games with perfect information - equilibrium points; games with perfect recall, and behavior strategies Games with Infinitely Many Strategies;Distribution Functions Integrals;

The Fundamental Theorem for Continuous Games -- two algebraic lemmas; devices for computing and verifying solutions, etc; Separable Games -- the mapping method; fixed points; examples; etc

Games with Convex Payoff Functions -- a unique strategy for one player; strategies for the other player; more

Applications to Statistical Inference Linear Programming Zero-Sum n-Person Games Solutions of n-Person Games -- isomorphic games; three person games, etc

Games without Zero-Sum Restriction -- the von Neumann - Morgenstern Theory; Some Open Problems, pseudo-games, non zero sum games and MORE.