Item #M434 Computer Music Journal volume 3 number 4 December 1979 (issue 12). Computer Music Journal, C. Roads.

Computer Music Journal volume 3 number 4 December 1979 (issue 12).

People's Computer Company, Menlo Park CA 1979; 62 pages, double-column text, illlustrations, references, photographs, advertisements etc.

Condition: Very good overall, paper covers, stapled news-journal format, mailing label on rear cover, lower corner of rear cover creased with small tear, next to last page creased as well. Stapled binding is tight, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: computer music journal, vintage computer music, computer music journal 1979, SSSP Score editing, DMX 1000 signal processing, harold cohen, early electronic music, early computer music, personal computers and computer music, computer music in the 1970

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Item Description

On the Cover -- Computer Graphics and Music; Hearing Music Streams; Digital Sound Synthesizer; Analysis /Synthesis 2

Rear cover photograph with caption of 'an example of a nineteenth-century automated musical instrument. This mechanical piano played compositions recorded on a form of paper-tape storage, called a 'book' This device was constructed in 1886 by Giovanni Racca of Bologna...'

Contents -- Machine Tongues VI (C. Roads);
An Analysis/Synthesis Tutorial, part 2 (Richard Cann)
The Evolution of the SSSP Score Editing Tools (W Buxton, R Sniderman, W Reeves, S Patel R Baeker)
Hearing Musical Streams (Stephen McAdams and Albert Bregman)
The DMX-1000 Signal Processing Computer (Dean Walraff)
An Interview with Harold Cohen (C. Roads)
Reviews by Thom Blum; announcements and letters to the editor.